"Nie niosę koca."

Translation:I am not carrying a blanket.

December 26, 2015

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I know you're lying, Linus.


Why not "I don't carry a blanket"?


Because that's "Nie noszę".

These are Verbs of Motion, so they actually do show the Present Simple/Present Continuous difference.


Okay thanks! I'm totally not going to remember that, but it may sink in one day.


So it's like idę and chodzę?


i thought he was carrying a cat, but kota does sound like koca


Why can't niosę be "I carry"?


'I carry' = 'noszę'


That would be " I wear"


That would actually be both "I wear" and "I carry". It's the same verb. "I am wearing" and "I am carrying" are totally different, though ("mam na sobie" vs "niosę").


That's similar to German, where "tragen" is both "to wear" and "to carry".


It is not correct in Polish. Please read my info to Jellei


There is a difference between both meanings in Polish. You can carry a box, but you can't wear it. It is also not correct to wear a blanket. You can cover yourself with a blanket.


Well, I'd say you can put a blanket on your arms and where it like a king wears his cape. But generally it's uncommon, sure.


Could this also be "i am not wearing a blanket?" Or how would you say that?


I have an unusual query ... My sentence(Type what you hear) I put 'Nie nosę kota' which was completely wrong but it was 'marked' as "Nice! Meaning: I am not carrying a blanket". I tried to take a screen print, but haven't succeeded! Instead, I've copied and pasted to show that I put completely the wrong answer, but they haven't corrected it!! Is this a blip??


We've already collected a bunch of similar screenshots and sent it to Duolingo staff months ago, but now it looks like nothing happened since then. Believe it or not, but didactically sensible grading is not a priority for them.


if I understand correctly: niosę = I am carrying / I am wearing ( the emphasis is on the action)

and noszę = I carry, I wear ( just a description ) ??


Is this a sentence like "I don't have it with me/in my luggage?"


The English translation might suggest that, but this is actually just about literally carrying it in your hands.

If you want to say that you don't have it in your luggage, I'd suggest:

  • Nie wziąłem/wzięłam ze sobą koca (Literally: I haven't taken a blanket with me)
  • Nie mam przy sobie koca (Literally: I don't have a blanket with me; like: it's in the checked baggage, but not in the carry-on baggage)


Dziękuję :) Does show again... This language is complicated. XD

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