Translation:The victims are two men and a woman.

6 years ago


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I have to agree with "y una" sounding more like "y ila" or "y ela". I understand things sounding different to me as I'm not a native speaker but I find there's already a huge difference between what's played during the question and what is played when I press the button at the top of the comments here. Because when I press play here I can actually make out the "una" part of the sentence.

5 years ago


You're right. I can hear y una when I play the sentence by clicking above. But when I played it in slow setting, it sounded like ila and although I knew it was wrong there was no way I could hear a real number in ti. The explanation below by caiser makes a lot of sense.

4 years ago


I cannot hear the "una", sounds like "ela" which I know is not a word

6 years ago

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Sound perfectly for me (Native-talker) Your have still to afinate your ear ;)

Here the two words "y" and "una" are said almost like one. She said somenthing like "iuna". It happens the same in all languages with small words.

6 years ago


afinate your ear

I think you might mean "tune" :).

5 years ago


It sounds like the speaker is saying "ina", not una.

5 months ago


Why is "a woman" not accepted?

10 months ago
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