"These clothes are old."

Translation:Te ubrania są stare.

December 26, 2015

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Doesn't the singular "ubranie" also translate as "clothes"? Then what's the difference in use? Could "to ubranie" be used in this sentence?


True, it can. Added.

The difference is that 'ubranie' is rather one set of clothes. For example you'd say "Te ubrania są stare" about some clothes that you took from the wardrobe, but "To ubranie jest stare" about something that your friend is wearing right now, or some set of clothes lying on the bed that you are supposed to put on.


Thanks for this explanation :)


I am doing every lesson to 5 stars as I move along but I am forgetting some basics which makes me have to guess at these answers until they are right and I move on without really learning why the words are correct. My guess for this example was Ta ubrania sa stara. I figure ubrania ends in an "a" so use that at the end of everything else. I know that's not how it works, but I need a refresher here. Maybe I need to stop attempting to move forward in my lessons and start over at the beginning and practice as I am just guessing until I get the right answer.


I try to doing that as well but you can also go back over them to practice and go over past mistakes, it's good for XP but I've found that it's helped me to remember the correct words to use.. also, for some of the sentences i glance over the comments cos usually somebody has already asked why certain words are used amd why and the MODS are really good at explaining the answers.


Is ubrania not feminine? It appears declined to another case so maybe i answered my own question.


No, it's plural.

The singular form, "ubranie" (one set of clothes, for example the ones you're wearing at the moment) is neuter.


Thank you, that really helps.


Does "ciuchy" mean clothes as well? Or is it slightly different?

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