"Do you need a shirt?"

Translation:Potrzebujesz koszuli?

December 27, 2015

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Why is the word "koszula" in genitive (koszuli) in this sentence? I would write "koszulę", since it's singular (a shirt), ends on -a in nominative singular, and is the direct object of the sentence (which I have learned should be accusative). The only explanation I can think of is that the verb is the kind that can only be connected with genitive - could this be the case?. It's really bugging me, since I keep making this mistake.


You are correct. Some verbs, such as 'potrzebować' connect with the genitive.


But I suppose this is kind of on a need-to-know basis or something? Or is there some rule about which verbs connects with the genitive?


I'm afraid there is no such rule.

I pasted a list of most common verbs that connect with genitive in another comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12459057


Looking at the list, you'll notice almost every verb has some connection to the abstract EXCEPT for the verb for "touch." That was the one that got me. Whereas verbs for "eat" and "drink" are more concrete as are the food and beverage you consume, feelings like "embarassed" or "to expect" something have this internal abstract concept. Any thoughts on this? Maybe the Polish equivalent for "touch" started out as abstract like "touch"="make someone feel"?


You are right, the verb "potrzebować" is just used with the genitive and it often depends just on the verb:

  • "Potrzebuję koszuli" = "I need a shirt" (or "Nie mam koszuli" = 'I don't have a shirt") (genetiv)
  • "Przyglądam się koszuli" = "I look at a shirt" (dative)
  • "Widzę koszulę" = "I see a shirt" (accusative)
  • "Mówię o koszuli" = "I speak about a shirt" (locativ)
  • etc.


is "czy pan potrzebuje koszuli?" wrong?


"Potrzebujesz" didn't show up as an option for me to pick


"potrzebujecie" (for plural 'you') was another starred answer, so this must have been what the algorithm wanted from you. But as it's about needing one shirt, it's less probable, so I made it just an acceptable option, not a starred one. "potrzebujesz" should be there next time.

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