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  5. "Do you need a shirt?"

"Do you need a shirt?"

Translation:Potrzebujesz koszuli?

December 27, 2015



Why is the word "koszula" in genitive (koszuli) in this sentence? I would write "koszulę", since it's singular (a shirt), ends on -a in nominative singular, and is the direct object of the sentence (which I have learned should be accusative). The only explanation I can think of is that the verb is the kind that can only be connected with genitive - could this be the case?. It's really bugging me, since I keep making this mistake.


You are correct. Some verbs, such as 'potrzebować' connect with the genitive.


But I suppose this is kind of on a need-to-know basis or something? Or is there some rule about which verbs connects with the genitive?


I'm afraid there is no such rule.

I pasted a list of most common verbs that connect with genitive in another comment: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12459057


You are right, the verb "potrzebować" is just used with the genitive and it often depends just on the verb:

  • "Potrzebuję koszuli" = "I need a shirt" (or "Nie mam koszuli" = 'I don't have a shirt") (genetiv)
  • "Przyglądam się koszuli" = "I look at a shirt" (dative)
  • "Widzę koszulę" = "I see a shirt" (accusative)
  • "Mówię o koszuli" = "I speak about a shirt" (locativ)
  • etc.


"Potrzebujesz" didn't show up as an option for me to pick

  • 3

"potrzebujecie" (for plural 'you') was another starred answer, so this must have been what the algorithm wanted from you. But as it's about needing one shirt, it's less probable, so I made it just an acceptable option, not a starred one. "potrzebujesz" should be there next time.


is "czy pan potrzebuje koszuli?" wrong?


Why not : Czy potrzebujesz koszuli? I was so proud of my answer!


Your report says "potrebujecz".

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