"Czy pająk to zwierzę?"

Translation:Is a spider an animal?

December 27, 2015

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What is czy? It translates as is but so does to so what is happening here

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'Czy' is a special word for questions, which expect the Y/N answer. Can be ommited in spoken language (because of the intonation): 'Pająk to zwierzę?'

It is also a conjunction in some cases (or, or rather).


'czy' is a word which you can put in the beginning of a question sentence to indicate that it is a yes/no question.


"Czy ..." can be translated as " Is it the case that ..." But obviously no one would use that in English.


how come zwierze is not in the instrumental case here?


Well, as both "a spider" and "an animal" are noun phrases, there are two options here: "Czy pająk to zwierzę" (Nominative) and "Czy pająk jest zwierzęciem" (Instrumental).


I entered it as "A spider is not an animal?", and I was marked wrong. In spoken English, the intonation would indicate that being a question, despite the word order. Is it different for Polish?


We allow it, if the Polish question did not use "czy". Then we can claim that it can be also a surprised "What? A spider is not an animal?".

But as here we had "czy", you have to translate it with a question word order. "czy" makes it clear that this is a real question.

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    I think "A spider is not an animal" would be "To pajak to nie zwierzę?" Obviously different from "Is a spider an animal?" which is "Czy pajak to zierzę?" OR just with intonation Pajak to zwierzę?


    "To pająk" only makes sense if you want to say "this is a spider". If you want to say "this spider", it's "ten pająk".

    Both "Czy pająk to zwierzę?" and "Pająk to zwierzę?" can work for "Is a spider an animal?", the first one is better because "czy" makes it clear it's a question.


    When I pressed "to zwierze" it said it was "is" but when I put "an animal" it took it right... (no hate on me I'm still new :P)


    I'm not sure what you mean. How did you click two words at the same time?

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