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"Hacking Turkish" or "Duolingo Turkish" on Memrise?

I'd like to couple my Duolingo lessons with a Memrise course to help improve my vocabulary. I've started a little with the "Hacking Turkish 1" word list on Memrise, but as I was looking through the discussion board I realised that there's a Duolingo-specific vocabulary list on Memrise for Turkish words as well.

Should I make the switch? My concern is with the different topics which might be covered between the Memrise and Duolingo courses - for example, I learned questions on Memrise pretty early on while it takes a little longer to get to questions on Duolingo.

Does anybody have experience with doing "Hacking Turkish" on Memrise while taking Turkish from English on Duolingo simultaneously?


December 27, 2015



I'm using Memrise for vocab practice as well. I've completed the first "Hacking Turkish". It was ok but the majority of it was how to use different forms of personal nouns. It wasn't that great for vocab.

I tested out a couple other courses until I found two that I really like. I recommend the "Duolingo Turkish" course by zsocipuszmak (The pic is of the gold Duo with the Turkish flag). There is another Duolingo course on there but the maker did it so that you type the words in English so its not as good for learning. The other course that has been good so far is "Complete Turkish" by istanbulmemgroup.


I use both of them. I've been using the Duolingo Turkish Vocabulary course by SamHensen2. I've nearly finished it and have found that it is quite good for the vocabulary here, but I like the Hacking Turkish courses also. Both courses have audio which is much better than Duolingo. I think my favourite course was probably Turkish in 60 Days by JJHalloween. Is there any reason why you have decided to do only one course on Memrise? I like to do a number of different courses on the same topic at the same time. That way I get to practice different words in different ways. Different people like different courses. Try a few and do the one (or ones) that suit your learning style best.


Sadly I'm working a full-time job and studying at the same time, so I only have a limited amount of time for language-learning. I try to fit in Duolingo lessons in breaks in my day and revise words on Memrise in the evening - this is working well for me so far. I'll check out the others, thanks!


Sometimes people make Memrise.com courses to go along with the Duolingo tree. It is very nice for them to do this, not all the languages even let you access a "Word List"... people will misunderstand your use of the word "hacking", so they may downvote you just because of that.

by "hacking" she means using outside sources to help her learn Turkish.


Good point! I'm referring to the "Hacking Turkish" word list on Memrise in my question, specifically - many people recommend doing it to improve basic vocabulary.


I did all three of those courses from memrise before the duolingo course was released and it helped a lot, allowed me to focus more on grammar than memorising words.


That's great! Would you suggest going at a "faster pace" for the memrise course(s) than duolingo so that I can focus on grammar when doing the latter, or do both at approximately the same pace?


You could definitely go through it much faster, I don't think there is anything in the memrise hacking course that you haven't already seen here (being at level 7)

I'd say there is somewhere around 80% shared vocab, I think it would be more practical to do the top 200 verbs, adjectives, etc than having to grind through basic stuff like 'the dog was running' :D


Awesome - thanks for your help! I'm hoping to gain a level of proficiency such that I'm able to understand some Turkish soaps :p

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