"Тебе есть шестнадцать?"

Translation:Have you turned sixteen?

December 27, 2015

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Best way to avoid jail.


In some states, one would still go to jail.


not in Russia (:


Not in most countries. US wrong as usual. Can go to war, tote a gun but not have a pint of beer until 21.


"wrong as usual" i don't know how you can think you can consent before sixteen


I think he means the fact that many places in the us its more than 16. I dont think hes referring to snything else


In certain provinces in Japan age of consent is 13 years!


Whenever I say шестнадцать into the microphone (in speaking exercises) it never accepts that word, even though my pronunciation is perfect. It must be some mistake, because it only happens with that number and I noticed it in more than one example. I reported it (in a way), hopefully somebody looks into this.


Same issue here. The audio tests seem pretty sensitive for words with many syllables, like the teen numbers.


Same here, however not only for шестнадцать but also for the other -надцать numbers


Same for me...


I experienced that too. I tried recording the actual voice and playing it back, and it didn't accept that either


Same here. I'm planning to stop using Duolingo due to these bugs in number pronunciation exercises.


If you are using Duo to learn to speak a target language, you are definitely on the wrong platform. I think you will discover it is difficult to find any non human platform that will meet your current expectations. Certainly not any that are free or low cost.

You can be your own judge for free simply by recording and listening to what you say while comparing it to a sample you accept as authoritative. You don't need a program for that.


I am having the same issue. I have said шестнадцать at least 25 times and it will not accept it.


Same with me.. Stuck at this level


Same here. Any get arounds to progreas the lesson?


Try /ʂɨs-'na-tsɐtʲ/ "shisnátsat' "


tried that too, doesn't work.


It is impossible to get my spoken шестнадцть accepted!! Tried at least 50 times, always refused! Totally frustrating!!!!!!


is this an alternative way of phrasing тебе шестнадцать лет? or is there some subtle difference


There is a difference. If you're asking "Тебе шестнадцать лет?" then you're just wondering whether or not the person is 16. But with "Тебе есть шестнадцать?" you're asking if the person already is sixteen years old.


I see. So if someone is 17, they would still answer yes if it was phrased this way?


> So if someone is 17, they would still answer yes if it was phrased this way?

"Тебе шестнадцать лет?" - нет

"Тебе есть шестнадцать?" - да


So, есть is necessary when a minimum age is required to do an activity (driving, watching a movie)


Is there any difference in using есть or уже?


Not much. Just a subtle difference.

Тебе есть шестнадцать? Are you at least sixteen?

Тебе уже шестнадцать? Are you sixteen (already)?


Thank you, this is very clear!


Why not 'do you have sixteen [of an item]'?


That would probably be "У тебя есть шестнадцать?"


In speaking excercises, the system does not recognize numbers, so it becomes impossible to move on. Plus we cannot report this because the "submit" option is not enabled. (December the 18th 2020).


Why "are you already sixteen" wrong?


Dare I ask, why is it proposing "have you TURNED sixteen" as a translation? Is it said the same as "are you sixteen?"


The correct translation of, "Have you turned sixteen?" is, "Тебе исполнилось шестнадцать?"

"Тебе есть шестнадцать?" translates as, "Are you at least sixteen?"

"Are you sixteen?" translates as, "Тебе шестнадцать?"


One could argue that 'turn 16' is hardly correct, just colloquial...and it's NOT the only translation


This is a bad translation!

The correct translation of, "Have you turned sixteen?" is, "Тебе исполнилось шестнадцать?"

"Тебе есть шестнадцать?" translates as, "Are you at least sixteen?"

"Are you sixteen?" translates as, "Тебе шестнадцать?"


you are sixteen!! i don't understand , what the mean !!!


The Russian present tense verb есть ("is/are") is omitted in normal circumstances,

Тебе шестнадцать? "Are you sixteen?"

except when used for emphasis,

Тебе есть шестнадцать? "ARE you sixteen [already? yet?]?"


есть is a tricky one, it can be both "eat" and "there is" you have kinda guess it by context(although, as far as I've seen, "there is" exists only in infinitive, in past it'd be был/а/о (I am still studying so take all I said with a grain of salt, it is what I think I can remember)


есть is the infinitive "to eat," but in "there is," есть is not the infinitive tense. It's the present tense, "am"/"is"/"are." The infinitive tense for this verb is быть, "to be."


Il y a vraiment un problème avec les chiffres, je pense changer de programme


An oral test here has some glitch: it doesn't accept as correct any pronunciation, from numerous native speakers. I reported it a few times, to no avail. I am asking the moderators, if any, please do something.


Unfortunately, there's nothing moderators can do about that. Duo's voice recognition doesn't always accept the pronunciation of numerals. It's an old and well known glitch, but it's unknown when or whether it would be fixed. So far we recommend clicking on "I can't speak now" whenever you come across this problem.


Thanks a lot, Kundoo. It had been really irritating until I knew that some people do care, too.


Тебе есть 16 Не знаю почему аппликация не понимают Когда я скажу 16


This is broken. Im sure my accent is bad but even if i can try to get close to what it wants it just wont accept it. I have no way to continue or progress.


My accent (my wive's, my friends') was not accepted either, we are all native speakers. Reported several times.


I thought that if 'есть' is not in a 'у' phrase, it means 'eat' and not 'have'. How is that "rule" working here?


"есть" is the infinitive of "to eat", and also the third person present form of "to be". There is no such "у" phrase rule, but "to be" happens to be the verb that is by far more common when "у" is around.

Here the third person present form of to be is used explicitly. It is omitted in present sentences normally, ("Он учитель" instead of "Он есть учитель" for "he is a teacher"), so that is why seeing "есть" for "to be" without "у" or special emphasis is not so common.


Why is "are you 16 yet?" Wrong?


It should be correct. The word "есть" is normally omitted in the present tense, so it adds emphasis when left in.

Тебе шестнадцать? - Are you sixteen?

Тебе есть шестнадцать? Are you already sixteen? (Colloquially)


"Are you already 16" is not accepted!


It appears that лет can be omitted: this is always possible, or only in some sentences ?


Because "ты" is declined to the dative case "тебе" meaning "to you," it's obvious that you're talking about years of age. So yes, лет is understood here.

If you were asking if a person has sixteen of something else, "ты" would decline to the accusative case "тебя" together with the preposition "у."

У тебя есть шестнадцать свечей? "Do you have sixteen candles?"


I have said "шестнадцать" perfectly twenty five times. I even got a native Russian speaker to say шестнадцать 10 times for me. My answers are not being accepted. Please fix this bug and give me my jewels back!


I recorded the audio of this sentence on another phone then played it for this exercise and not even that works!


It won't take my comment. 50 times. I want to quit.


I had that happen in another exercise, what I did to complete the section was instead of typing, I copied and pasted the answer. It took that as correct even though it was the same answer.


Please, do something: the audio check repeatedly says that "your pronunciation is wrong", it's not the case.


The microphone does not recognise thw way i pronounce the word, even though i know I am doing it right because I have attended russian classes about numbers. I have also written the actual pronunciation, so I think the system has some problems.


I also have this difficulties in every number that given


Why is it so hard to pronounce number in russian? It seems like i pronounce it well but the reader doesnt give me a chills


The voice recognition really bad at this one


It would be nice if the number 16 wasn't so buggy. I am close to uninstalling this app.


The test does not work


how do i clear this flag it each time but its a recurring problem


Can someone please help me pronouncing sixteen


"шыс (т)на́ цать"


It is a bug. Duo never accepts any pronunciation in this test. Click Can't speak now to proceed.


Good thing about the glitch is its an easy way to keep your streak going. Just click on can't talk and it'll give you your streak.


Not picking up pronounceation


Please accept English as well as American!!! Are you 16 yet is a perfectly good translation

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