"Onun annesi Arap."

Translation:His mother is an Arab.

December 27, 2015

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Her mother is an Arab, why is it wrong?


Looks fine to me - probably a missing alternative, in which case please report it so that it can be added.


it is not a missing alternative. It was probably a multiple choice questions; all multiple choice questions tell you to choose all correct answers


Can hear her say mother (anne)


why LI is omitted ?


(Li/Lı) here is broadly used to describe someone from a specific country/state, particularly holding its citizenship – as in contemporary definitions – so you'll find it in "Amerikalı" and "Mısırlı", but there's no such a thing as "Araplı" because being an Arab is rather an "ethnicity", that itself is not actually true but some people believe it to be the case. Türk, "Arap?", İngiliz, Alman are defining nations based on ethnicity rather than contemporary citizenship, that's why it's different to say İngiltereli than İngiliz, the first is a person from England regardless of his background and the latter is an Englishman/woman. I'm not a native speaker, but that's what I've understood from my studying.


You don't need to out Lİ suffix with this nationality and some others like Turk, Alman, and Rus.

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