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"Victor has short dark hair and gray eyes."

Translation:Віктор має коротке темне волосся і сірі очі.

December 27, 2015



i've noticed that the commas which usually separate coordinate adjectives when listed are typically absent in this course. not that i mind, but i'm pretty sure this sentence should be "Victor has short, dark hair and gray eyes."

i had to google it to be sure ;)


no. in this case without comma. I don't can explain why but i think so. (Ukrainian is my native language) I will try explain it later ))


i'm not saying that they should be in the ukrainian sentence, but that they should be there in the english sentence


а-а-а)) now i understand. But in ukrainian language there is the rule: якщо різні ознаки предмета (одне-колір,інше- стан(розмір) - то кома не ставиться.


Why is "У Віктора коротке темне волосся і сіре очі" not correct?

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