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  5. "I do not want that orange."

"I do not want that orange."

Translation:O portakalı istemiyorum.

December 27, 2015



Why is it portakali and not portakal?


Because it's a definite direct object, so it needs the accusative case.

It's the direct object of "istemiyorum" (it's the thing that is not wanted).

And it's definite because of the "o" ("that") in front -- demonstrative determiners such as "this, that" always make the thing they stand in front definite.

So since it's a definite direct object, it needs the accusative case and the ending -(y)i.

[deactivated user]

    Because of that ''that'',it shows you which orange,not just any other orange.


    Can't it be "Şu portakalı istemiyorum." ?


    I put that and it was accepted.

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