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"When was the restaurant closed?"

Translation:Restoran ne zaman kapandı?

December 27, 2015



The notes say that verb roots ending in a consonant except L take the passive ending Il. So why is it “kapandı” and not “kapaldı”?

-- Edit: I can see it now – the verb root is “kapa”, not “kap.”


Can we use 'kapatmış ' instead of 'kapandı'?


I think that makes not really sense. If I ask somebody when a restaurant was closed, I want to know when it closed and not his estimation/thought about when it has been closed.


If the verb "to close" is kapatmak, the root should be "kapat" and the passive "kapatılmak"... why is this statement wrong?


Bence "to close" = kapamak and not kapatmak (kapatmak is the causatıve to kapamak.) So the verb root is kapa and the passıve ' kapanmak'


"Ne zaman resturant kapandi" doğru değil?


1) It must be restoran, not resturant.
2) It shoud be kapandı (but I think Duo accepts English counterparts of the letters)
3) Question words usually come right before the verb because they are the main point of the question sentences so they should have the highest emphasis.


Why is: "Ne zaman restoranyı kapandı?" wrong?


"restaurant" is not a direct object here, it is the subject. Subjects cannot be in the accusative case.


Is not in passive voice the subject ignored and only the object retained

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