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  5. "Свет — это жизнь."

"Свет это жизнь."

Translation:Light is life.

December 27, 2015



I think it's really stupid how everyone complains about sentences being "weird" or that they have no idea "how they could use it". The point of learning a language is to actually know it and be able to understand what is being said instead of just memorizing sentence after sentence.


Great comment. It's very weird that so many people don't get that.


While this is a good point I feel like there's a pedagogical difference between phantasy sentences that are weird and sentences like this where you are left wondering if it's just a random word jumble that maybe wasn't translated correctly and you have to memorise the duolingo form of it...


True , some people lack a sense of wonder sometimes. This sentence is simple and beautiful like an Haiku. The goal of learning a language is also to being able to use it in a more elegant or sophisticated way. Not just talking like a robot


Ученье - свет, а неученье - тьма.


Light is life.. na-na-na-na-naaaah


What about water? :)


Or earth and air!


Duolingo never seems to skimp out on the weird sentences. I had trouble translating this at first because, while I knew the words, they didn't make sense to me... even in English. Maybe it's just because it's something I'd never say. Hmm.


What sense does this sentence have? Is it an idiom or folk-saying?


"Light is the life" is marked wrong.


"Light - this is life" marked wrong as well.


В Нем была жизнь, и жизнь была свет человеков.


The remaining word choice was "refridgerator" meaning that in fact, the fridge light gives life. Or it could be a sentence about moth


Scrolling through this discussion, I wonder why people don't get that this might be "солнечный свет" (sunlight).


Is the это really necessary?


"Light, that's life," also marked wrong.


Can't 'свет' also mean 'world'?


Yes. In particular, if you're describing something as the most (adjective) thing in the world, the phrase "на свете" is often used for "in the world". For example, "Лучшая пицца на свете!" means "Best pizza in the world!" You can see more in the second definition listed here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D1%81%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%82#Russian


Жизнь is feminine so it would be эта. But in this sentence that would mean "Light - this life" :\


This may allude to the greek myth of the theft by Prometheus of fire from the gods. Fire symbolised life (and light). It's about Zeus, Mt Olympus ... look it up!

Another narrative is of when photo synthesising algae caused Earth's atmosphere to get a much higher proportion of oxygen. Some 2+ billion years ago. Life as we know it evolved (in parallel) since. You can look that story up, too!


"Light it is life" is wrong? Give me a break.

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