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  5. "Що їм треба?"

"Що їм треба?"

Translation:What do they need?

December 27, 2015



It's the same word as eat?

[deactivated user]

    Well, yes. «Їм» is either the 1st person present tense (I eat) of «їсти» 'to eat', or the plural dative ([to] them) of the вони 'they'. These forms are homonyms. It's usually pretty easy to disambiguate them by a context.


    Like we say in English, for example: I ATE breakfast at EIGHT.


    "потрiбно" – оne more option


    Glad to hear the old voices back! Much easier on my musiphonia (might only be certain lessons that have either voice but I'm happy.) Besides, multiple voices help you get the words better! Not just one person's pronounciation to judge from


    this is one of dozens of questions in lots of topics with a cartoon over the area where the answer is typed so you can't see it. This is my sixth post about this. Is there anyone out there? 26/11/20

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