"You wear a dress."

Translation:Nosisz sukienkę.

December 27, 2015

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Shouldn't it be plural, nosicie sukienki?


Yeees you wear dress mean "nosicie sukienkę" (1 dress) or "nosisz sukienkę" ( also 1) and thats strange becous "nosicie sukienke" mean 2 or more person wear 1 dress. But its correct and "nosicie sukienki" isnt correct becouse "sukienki" mean "dresses" not "dress"


In English, "You all (plural) wear a dress sounds very wrong, as would "They wear a dress." Currently this is a multiple choice question and the only "correct" response is "Nosicie sukienkę." Is this wrong, or does it mean "You all each wear a dress?"


I removed "Nosicie sukienkę." from the starred answers. We're gonna think through if this is in any way acceptable (I guess sisters from a poor family could wear one dress, as the sentence is in Present Simple and not Continuous, but I don't know if it's worth accepting).


The sentence "The women have a child" is even worse... It would be nice to remove it as well.


The women could be a couple and have a child. There are all sorts of families out there in this world :)


Ah, let's remove it, there are enough sentences for those words.


English is ambiguous in this matter. This "you" can be either plural or singular.


I chose the correct answer here which is "Nosisz sukienkę". However my question is about the pronunciation of many of the words here in Duo that end in "ę" or "a". This question is the perfect example. Before submitting the correct answer I first choose "Nosisz sukienka" and the pronunciation of "sukienka" sounds exactly like "sukienkę" to me. How does everyone else hear these words, the same or different?


No, they're not. The really identical pairs of sound in Polish, just differing by orthography, are: ż/rz, h/ch, u/ó.

a and ę are definitely different, and I don't think it's a common problem for the learners here to confuse them... a common one is to have problems distinguishing e and y.


Why can’t this mean “You are wearing a dress”? I thought there was no such differentiation in polish. Piję = I drink / I am drinking... no?


Pani nosi sukienkę


Of course, added.

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