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  5. "Sarı ördekler elmaları yer."

"Sarı ördekler elmaları yer."

Translation:Yellow ducks eat the apples.

December 27, 2015



Does apples have to be definite? Can't it be "The yellow ducks eat apples"?


It does here. Your sentence would be "Sarı ördekler elma yer." :)


I have a question about the audio (the listening exercise): The speaker doesn't pause between the words ördekler and elmaları AT ALL. It almost sounds like ördeklerelm aları. Is this how Turks really say it? Or is it just an artifact of however the audios are created?


İs adding -lAr to the verb when the subject is plural optional?


yes, unless you omit the subject

For "they eat". Onlar yerler, yerler and Onlar yer are all OK. But you cannot say yer - this only means he/she/it eats.

And there is another rule, adding -lAr to the verb when the subject is not a person is wrong. But this rule is not even followed by native speakers. So don't worry about it.


Many thanks for the detailed answer. Does the same rule apply to adjectives like in the following example:

"Bazı kadınler güzeller"

I mean, is -lAr in "güzeller" optional?


Telaffuz berbat


Why isn't "the yellow ducks" accepted?

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