"Jaki jest cel tej wycieczki?"

Translation:What is the destination of this trip?

December 27, 2015

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Oh come on, "excursion" should be allowed!


I couldn't put “this”


I used the commonly used word 'outing', which was rejected. The 'Wieki slownik' lists this as the second meaning of 'wycieczka' after 'excursion'.


Sure, why not, added.


Nie moge być "journey" zamiast "trip" ?


"Nie może być 'journey' zamiast 'trip'? Może, jak najbardziej, ale:

Jaki jest cel tej wycieczki? - What is the goal/the purpose of the/this/that journey/trip/tour/excursion/outing?
Cel tej wycieczki to poznanie historii Polski/ Celem tej wycieczki jest
poznanie historii Polski - The goal of the trip is to learn the history of Poland

Jaki jest punkt docelowy tej wycieczki?/ Jakie jest miejsce tej wycieczki? - What is the endpoint/destination of the trip?
Punktem docelowym/ Miejscem tej wycieczki jest Polska - The destination
of the trip is Poland



Here, have an example of the very common usage of "cel podróży" as the actual destination.

"punkt docelowy" can technically work (added), but it sounds super formal to my ear and frankly I find it hard to imagine ever hearing it in a conversation.


I would not recommend that magazine, because Polish
is pretty bad :) Oddly enough, even that article uses an expression similar to the Polish one: "miejsce podróży", which matches perfectly the "destination of the trip".

Otherwise, efforts to keep the form of the question: "Jaki jest..." and some form of the word "cel" create formal, but correct use of words and translation into English.

cel podróży/ miejce (punkt docelowy)/zadanie podróży - destination (place/endpoint)/ goal/purpose of the trip


Travel, trip, journey, voyage, tour - all these words have only one meaning? Why don't you use "visit" or something else


"visit"? A visit is when I visit my friends...

"trip" would be the best translation of "wycieczka", but the meanings of all those words overlap in some part.

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