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How to improve your Duolingo in web browser (using Third party tools) 20151227

Hello everyone,

I am Tung. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. I've just learned German in Duolingo for few weeks as an interests. I'm really keen on learning new language in Duolingo. It's hard to overstate how valuable it is but it is, in fact, really really helpful.

I just explored new things about Duo in web browser and can not wait to share to you, all of whom also love to learn new language like me. It's not new on the Duo's wiki but I believe that there are a number of member in our community don't know it. Then, I make this video to help you learn Duolingo in web browser in the most convenient way.


Hope this helps! :) (^_^)

2 years ago

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Thank you. This helps a lot.

2 years ago