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  5. "Which men speak Polish?"

"Which men speak Polish?"

Translation:Którzy mężczyźni mówią po polsku?

December 27, 2015



is it "którzy" and not "który" because "men" is a plural word?


More specifically, it's because mężczyżni is a masculine plural. If it were a group of kobiety(or of feminine noun), you would use które.

The declension table on https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kt%C3%B3ry might be useful too.


I wrote 'jacy' and it wasn't accepted. But it's ok, right?


I once wrote a comment about it:

"Który is asking 'which one of the finite set of choices is the one' while Jaki is more like "what kind of":

  • "Którego psa brakuje?" – Is asking which dog is missing; most logical context would be, I don't know, like aftermath of a flood in the kennel and the expected answer would be "Azora"(a dog name).

  • "Jakiego psa brakuje?" – Is asking what kind of dog is missing; most logical context would be if you are preparing for a dog show and you have a list of dog breeds you want on that show, so you ask which breed is still missing; expected answer would be something like "Sznaucera"(A dog breed).

Obviously, there is certain overlap between the two, but generally they ask about somehow different things."

„Jacy mężczyźni” = 'What kind of men', which sort of works like 'Who are those weirdos that speak Polish?' here. ;) I don't know, possibly it's because it asks about the kind of human, but it gives me this disapproving vibe.


Thank you for you explanation. I was more or less aware of this difference in meaning, but still felt that the English sentence could have been interpreted both ways. However, after reading your example I admit that którzy is indeed the better option here.


Why mówią and not mowisz?


mówią = they speak

mówisz = you speak

word ending changes who is speaking


Mówisz is 2nd pers sing, and this is about a group of at least two men, and therefore 3rd pers pl. For declensions, conjugations... look here https://pl.m.wiktionary.org or here https://cooljugator.com/pl


Dlaczego tu nie mogę używać "polskiego"?


is there a list somewhere of when to use a different word for what, where, who, etc?


what (as in "What is it?") = co

what (as in "What kind of...?") = jaki

where = gdzie

who = kto

Out of those, only "gdzie" doesn't undergo declension.


When to use którzy instead of który?


Którzy is masculine personal plural, który is masculine singular.


Which men = "Którzy mężczyźni" OR " Którzy LUDZIE" - both should be correct, but the second one somehow is wrong...


Hmm, right. OK, added "ludzie".


Why mężczyzni has the last z as 'ź' ? I have always see it as I write it first.


Well, some forms of the noun "mężczyzna" are softened, which changes z to ź. I don't think I'm able to explain the 'why'.

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