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  5. "Мені треба іти."

"Мені треба іти."

Translation:I need to go.

December 27, 2015



Isn't it better to use й for іти/йти when the previous word ends in a vowel?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it's better to use «йти» here. This course seems to ignore the і/й and у/в alterations altogether.


    Why are we using мені instead of я and тебе instead of ви and ти? When should we use each one?

    [deactivated user]

      Ukrainian pronouns and nouns have several forms called cases:

      • Nominative case: я = I, ти = you,
      • Accusative case: мене = me, тебе = you,
      • Dative case: мені = to me, тобі = to you.

      Literally, мені треба іти translates as ‘to me, it_is_neccessary to_go’.


      You can use forms with я and ти/ви but with different modal verb: Я мушу йти; Я повинен піти туди; Ти маєш піти звідси. However those words are not translated as "need". "Повинен" is "must", "Маєш" is "should", "Мушу" is closer to "have to". "Треба"/"Потрібно" is used only in passive voice sentences.


      "I must go" Isn't this the same thing?


      Is this the insinuative way of saying you really need to go... to the restroom?


      No. This used as: "I need to leave." This is a very common statement. For example: You are visiting with someone or having lunch with someone and your time is up.

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