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"Due bicchieri di succo d'arancia, per piacere."

Translation:Two glasses of orange juice, please.

December 10, 2013



Would it be possible to use "per favore" instead "per piacere"? Is there any difference?


Non c'è differenza... and you can use "per cortesia"


I've been taught slight differences; favore is used everywhere; cortesia is more polite, recommended when using the formal you or to make a good impression; piacere (note it's the noun - pleasure - not the verb) stresses your plea.


Is "per piacere" common to use in Italy? It seems to me that "per favore" is the default choice for "please".


We use "per piacere" or "per favore" or "per cortesia". There are no differences.


I'd also like to know if this is fully interchangeable with 'per favore' or when it would be used.


Why ''Two glasses of orange juice, please'', instead of ''Two glasses with orange juice, please''?

The glasses aren't made of orange juice :D


Because that's the English idiom. Two glasses of orange juice, a glass of milk, a cup of tea, a glass of wine. If you asked an English speaker for two glasses with orange juice they'd think you meant the orange juice separate rather than in the glasses. Preposition use varies from language to language. The only way you would use 'with' here is 'two glasses with orange juice in' which is both unwieldy and not used by natives.


Why does the letter "d" elide here?


When talking about food and the ingredient is the main or only component you say Dish DI ingredient
Soup of tomato
zuppa di pomodoro

but we would then have succo di arancia so because orange in Italian starts with a vowel you drop the i to get succo d'arancia - juice of orange.


I wrote two orange juice glasses please and should be accepted


Actually, saying it this way could imply that you are specifically asking for two glasses that are for orange juice only (kind of like asking for a wine glass or another glass designed for a specific beverage). You are not necessarily asking for two glasses containing orange juice.


"Two cups orange juice, please." is not accepted. And I don't see the standard-W#CX!@-translation.

Why am I wasting my time and even writing a comment?


Because you didn't realise it was 'Two cups of orange juice please'

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