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  5. "Goodbye, until tomorrow!"

"Goodbye, until tomorrow!"

Translation:Do widzenia, do jutra!

December 27, 2015



Why jutra and not jutro?


In this phrase, the word "tomorrow" is treated as a noun (just like in "until Friday") and undergoes declension - it takes Genitive because of the preposition "do".


If 'do' takes genitive, what is the nominative of widzenia, and what does translate to on its own?


I guess the Nominative is "widzenie", but the only situation I can think of where I'd use it is when people visit their relatives/friends in prison. And another thing that comes to my mind is "jasnowidzenie", which is "clairvoyance".

So basically it seems better to just treat "Do widzenia" as a whole ;)

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