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  5. "Min bedstemor er halvfjerds."

"Min bedstemor er halvfjerds."

Translation:My grandmother is seventy.

December 27, 2015



Can someone explain the way these kinds of numbers are built? Like fifty and seventy start with "halv", what does that mean?


Taking from this example, "halvfjerds" is a shortening of "Halvfjerdesindtyve" which, when broken down, means "Half before four times twenty" (or "3.5 times 20"). This is how the numbers 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 are formed

Edit: I also want to add not to get too hung up on this logic. For me personally, the best way to learn them was to simply learn "halvtreds" as 50, "tres" as 60 etc.


Also, there's a pretty thorough table and explanation in the Numbers skill in the tree. I go back to it sometimes to remind myself.


Thanks for the tip, I've been using the app exclusively and AFAIK that doesn't include the trees?


The app includes the tree (the tree is simply just the list of lessons on the home screen), but it doesn't include the hints and tips, which are only available on the browser version


Who thought that French numbers were weird?

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