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  5. "Who else is coming?"

"Who else is coming?"

Translation:Hvem andre kommer?

December 27, 2015



Hmmm... this discussion claims to have 7 comments, yet there are none here.


Should I not be able to also say "Hvem annet kommer"? "Who" can refer to one person, as well as as more than one. In fact, because the English sentence here uses the verb "is", I would argue that the subject must be singular, and so the correct translation should be "Hvem annet kommer". And "Hvem andre kommer" should really be translated as "Who else are coming".


I don't think one can say "who else are coming" in english, it sounds strange to my ear (though I'm not a native speaker, so I might be wrong)

However, I am also interessted why one cannot say "hvem annen/annet kommer". Is there some logic behind that?


You are correct - you can't say 'who else are coming' in English, only 'who else is coming'.


Right, which is why it's weird that it's not annet/annen (singular), but it's andre (plural). "Is" goes with singular.


Not a native speaker, but isn't "annet" neuter? So you wouldn't use that form for people. According to the UIB dictionary, "andre" can be used instead of "annen" in all forms though :) https://ordbok.uib.no/perl/ordbok.cgi?OPP=Andre&ant_bokmaal=5&ant_nynorsk=5&begge=+&ordbok=begge


Any explanation on why this is andre?


What's the difference between "ellers" and "andre"?

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