About "det gör jag"

Hi, I have a few questions about this construction that means "I do" and the word jo. Can you tell me if the responses below make sense? Tack! (PS let me know if this is how the Swedish quotation marks are used :) )

  1. -Är du inte läkare? -Jo, det är jag. vs. -Är du läkare? -Jag, det är jag.

  2. -Tycker du om att spela? -Ja, det gör jag.

  3. -Ska det regna? -Ja, det ska det.

  4. -Talar vi svenska? -Nej, det gör inte vi.

  5. -Talade vi svenska? -Ja, det gjörde vi.

And also a few bonus questions:

  1. how would someone say have a nice day to me, and how would I say you too?

  2. Is me too "jag med"?

  3. Does "trevligt att träffas" mean nice to meet you in all settings?

Tack så mycket!! :D

December 27, 2015


You use jo to reply to a negative question or statement. Your first example is a very good example of that. All of your sentences are well formed and perfectly logical, just a couple of other minor errors.

Q1. That would be Ja, det är jag, not Jag, [...], but I assume you knew that. :)

Q4. Your word order is fine but the one asgooodas mentioned is better.

Q5. Should be gjorde, not gjörde.

B1. Ha en bra dag!, and you might reply Detsamma! (lit. "The same!") or Du med! ("You too!")

B2. Yes.

B3. Pretty much, yeah.

Regarding quotation marks, you only have them in your bonus questions 2 and 3, but you do use them correctly. If you meant the way you denote a sentence in your questions 1 through 5, I would advise putting a space between the dash and the letter. We use the en dash in Swedish, which is called tankstreck or talstreck or pratminus.

December 28, 2015


December 28, 2015
  1. Jo, det är jag.
  2. correct
  3. correct
  4. Nej det gör vi inte. (change position of vi.)
  5. ja det gjorde vi. (inte ö) Bonus
  6. Ha en fin dag!´response: du med!
  7. yes but me too could also be "jag också". its the same.
  8. Yes Varsågod :)
December 28, 2015

Tack så mycket!

December 28, 2015

Jag har en fråga till. Hur säger man "Will you?" eller "Do you?" eller någon fråga lika den här?

Corrections welcome on my Swedish (PS do you know how to say "corrections welcome" in Swedish? Tack så mycket!

December 28, 2015
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