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Translate this from Turkish to English for 5 lingots

Rule # 1:You cannot use Google translate: even if you do it won't make sense. Rule # 2: You need to know Turkish: LOL! Obviously! Sen parka benimle gelmek istermisin? Harika bir zaman olucak! Haydi gel! Hastamısın? İlaçlarını iç, iyileşirsin, umarım. Zamanını benimle geçirsene! Filme bakalım mi? Ne yapmak istersin? Senin dediğini yapalım, olurmu? Tamam, oyuncaklarla oynuyalım! Haydi başlıyalım! Ne dersin?

December 28, 2015



my try

Do you want to come to the park with me? It will be a great time! Come on let's go! Are you sick? Drink your medicine, I hope you recover. Why don't you spend time with me! Let's watch a movie? What do you want to do? Let's do what you said, ok? Alright lets play with toys! Lets start now, what do you say?

give lingots lol


My attempt:

Do you want to come to the park with me? It will be a great time! Come on! Are you ill? Drink your medicine, you will recover, I hope. Why don't you spend time with me! Should we watch a movie? What do you want to do? Let's do what you say, alright? Okay, let's play with the toys! Come on, let's start! What do you say?


I don't speak Turkish.... but as a general rule... maybe you should mention not to use google translate... :P xD


You might like to spell check it as it is hard for people who are not native speakers of the source language to translate when there are spelling mistakes in the source.

For example "Harika bir zaman olucak!" is wrong according to my spell checker.

This is one of the problems I have trying to read comments posted by native speakers: if the word is spelt wrong sometimes I cannot find it in the dictionary or in eksisozluk.com

In this case I can guess it might be "Harika bir zaman olacak!" but sometimes it really winds me up trying to find the meaning because I do not know if the dictionary is missing the word or I am misunderstanding a suffix.

So that is where I disagree with the comment above as sometimes Google Translate can guess a misspelled word better than I can.

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