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  5. "Nein, nicht mit den Jungs."

"Nein, nicht mit den Jungs."

Translation:No, not with the boys.

January 12, 2013



Let me get this straight. Nominative singular is "der Junge." Accusative is "den Jungen." Dative is "dem Jungen." Plural Nominative is "die Jungen." Accusative is "die Jungs" and Dative is "den Jungs." Will someone tell me if I'm correct?


Singular is der Junge. Plural is die Jungen or die Jungs and a third one is die Jungens. I find the last two are rather colloquial and don't know why duo uses them so often. Apart from that, it's all fine, Jungs and Jungen use the same cases, die Jungen and den Jungen.


So this could be translated as "Nein, nicht mit den Jungen?" Are Jungs and Jungen always interchangeable?


Yes and yes. But 'Jungs' is rather colloquial and the Duden suggests that Jungs is used in northern and central german, so it depends on the context which one you should use. I, personally, use Jungen in almost all cases.

  • "Menschenkind" is right ... "Jungs" is rather colloquial

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maybe DuoLingo prefers "Jungs" because "Die Jungen" can also mean young animals ... and so nobody can say ... the meaning is ambiguous

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