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"We are not listening to them."

Translation:My ich nie słuchamy.

December 28, 2015



Can this not be stated as 'Ich nie słuchamy' ? Is 'my' always necessary? Also, putting 'ich' at the end sounds strange.


"Ich nie słuchamy" is more emphatic than "Nie słuchamy ich" but both are correct.


why is the "my" necessary? I wrote "ich nie sluchamy" but it was counted wrong, the "my" underlined as wrong because missing.


The most natural way to say it is probably "Nie słuchamy ich". My next choice would be "My ich nie słuchamy", which emphasizes 'we' by putting it explicitly in the sentence. And basically those are the only two word orders I would use here.

"Ich nie słuchamy" is like "Them we do not listen to". Very strong and really not natural emphasis on 'them'. Basically, putting a pronoun in a different case than Nominative at the beginning of the sentence is rarely natural.


I thought "nie sluchamy ich" was my first try, but I am not really shure :o/

But thank you for the explanation. That helps.


Can we say "Nie słuchamy je"? Thanks a lot.


No. "słuchać" takes Genitive, the Genitive version is "ich".

"je" is possible for Accusative. But even if the verb took Accusative, it would change to Genitive as it's negated here.


Can "ich" go at the end?


Yes, but then it would be natural to drop the subject - "Nie słuchamy ich" or "My ich nie słuchamy". Note that in the default translation here, the subject my is emphasized (it's at the beginning).


Nie ich słuchamy?

Why not?


Like in English, you should negate "listening to them" and not just "them".

Your sentence is like "It is not them who we listen to".


I see this as we don't hear them without the do.


"słuchać" = to listen to

"słyszeć" = to hear

So it would have to be "My ich nie słyszymy" to be "We do not hear them".


And can it also be 'nie słyszymy ich?'


Yes, but that is "we can't hear them".


In "i am listening to them" it was "ja słucham ich" why is the ich before the negated verb in this case?


The negation must precede the verb and the object pronoun should not end up at the end, unless there is no other option. So, it's:

Ja ich słucham and Słucham ich.

My ich nie słuchamy and Nie słuchamy ich.

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