"Piszecie książkę."

Translation:You are writing a book.

December 28, 2015

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What a lovely and easy to memorize word for book. :P HAUSHUASHHASUH


Dont you love words like kobieta ? nice and easy! Why the need to join 17 consonants together?? Meu-j-ch-z-na....


It is indeed ;-)


"K shonjz keh" I think.


Why does the sedilla type accent under the a make an on sound here but not under the e on this same word, but does on other words?


It's not a cedilla, even in English it's called "ogonek" (little tail).

ą is a nasalized 'o', so the way the letter looks is actually pretty confusing, because it's not really similar to 'a' in sound.

ę is a nasalized 'e', so it's more logical ;) However, if it's the final sound of the word, it's pronounced like a basic 'e'. If it's in the middle of the word, then it should be clearly nasalized.


Why not "you write a book" why present continuous ?


"You write a book" is accepted, but I think that with one book, focusing on the moment and saying "You are writing a book" is a lot more probable and logical.


In English, the word "You" can be used as a word to describe "Somebody" in a sentence such as "When you write a book..." =meaning= "When somebody writes a book...." Would there be a similar meaning in Polish using the plural "Wy"?


No, that would rather have to be some impersonal construction, more like "When one writes a book" (yeah, I understand that those can be possibly synonymous in English). So probably "Kiedy pisze się książkę..."

Well, although... okay, I guess in some contexts you could use it similarly in Polish... but rather with singular "ty" than plural "wy". I imagine it more as a guide, that addresses the reader directly. And plural... okay, what you see is clearly a stream of consciousness :D Plural would perhaps be possible if you were in class/lecture about writing books? So, what the heck, I guess it's possible.


In the rules of English YOU is used as both both singular and plural. Although common language use will often be ya'll.

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