"Ucuz bir etek istiyorum."

Translation:I want a cheap skirt.

December 28, 2015

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people don't usually want CHEAP skirts... they want INEXPENSIVE skirts. Cheap has other connotations besides price in English.... so I think you should accept: "I want an inexpensive skirt."


it actually depends on the context. in a store if you say ucuz to a clerk, they will think price-wise. but in Turkish too, we say ucuz to imply that the dress is cheap, tacky etc. but i think inexpensive should be accepted too. just know that ucuz is not always a bad thing, it's all in the context.


Yes, I agree. "Cheap tends to have predominantly negative connotations in English. Depending on the context, "Inexpensive" or "Affordable" may be a better word choices and should, therefore, be accepted.


"Do you have any idea what it costs to look this cheap?" -Dolly Parton


Is there any other word to express "cheap" in Turkish? Can I use for example "fiyat uygun" to express a low price and not having such a negative touch? O perhaps "paha uygun", paha is "price" too and "pahalı" is used for expensive. Is it possible to say "pahasız" ?


paha mean price,value not uygun Not possible to say pahasız. You can say ucuz


"Uygun fiyatlı" would do it.

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