"женщина и мужчина"

There's no Report Sentence button in the app, which I've started using. So I started my own thread.

For "мужчина и женщина", I said "A woman and the man" to test if it could mix articles in English. And it told me the answer was "woman and the man", which I thought didn't make sense.. Technically, should we not be able to answer "a woman and a man", "the woman and the man", "a woman and the man", "the woman and a man", "woman and man"?

What's correct and what's realistic? Maybe the course should allow for each combination and permutation since there are no articles in Russian?

[title edited from the incorrect "мужчина и женщина"]

December 28, 2015


Actually, the two most logical answers would be “A man and a woman” or “The man and the woman”. Other answers are possible but a little strange (especially changing the order of man and woman to woman and man). I think that mixing the articles is not a mistake but it seems very unusual…

December 28, 2015

Thanks. I agree. That consistency of pattern makes sense. I don't know why the answer came up "Woman and the man", then (if it will do one permutation, then it should do all, as they are equally mix-and-match). I mixed up the word order, however, sorry. It was actually "женщина и мужчина" (I have edited the title now). I don't know if they can fix that by reading this thread or if I supposed to submit a bug report. [edited: I see we're supposed to use the Feedback menu option from the app to report problems with the app]

December 28, 2015

As far as I remember there is a report button in the apps. Anyway, yes, I'd say that "женщина и мужчина" can mean "a woman and a man", "the woman and the man" and "woman and man". Other combinations don't seem realistic, I can't think of the context where you could translate it like that.

December 28, 2015
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