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  5. "Jeg vil stå med deg."

"Jeg vil stå med deg."

Translation:I want to stand with you.

December 28, 2015



is this an idiom for "I will support you" or is it meant to be taken literally?


Someone might use it that way, yes. I would usually prefer just to be explicit: "Jeg støtter deg" or "Jeg vil støtte deg" (usually in present tense, even for future support. Maybe that's just my individual taste.). Alternatively "Jeg er med deg" or "Jeg vil være med deg".


"I will stand by you" was not accepted. I remember lyrics like "Stand by your man" or "I'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you, I'll stand by you"; how would I say that på norsk?


how about simply jeg står med deg


Idiomatically, it could be better, if you want to express that you stand with someone in support, but grammatically it's not the same. The word "vil" makes it about either wanting to support (or simply stand with) someone, or about that you are going to do this.


Ved deg instead of med deg maybe?


I think I would say "stå hos deg" or maybe preferably "stå med deg" as in the sentence given here. It can work with "stå ved", but to me it sounds more like you stand besides someone than stand by or with them.


In English, the translation of "vil" to want or will makes a sgnificant difference here. Imagine yourself under attack and your companion turns to face you and he/she says "Jeg vil stå med deg/dere". Is the next sentence to be "Men jeg kan ikke, jeg!" Extra "jeg" for emphasis. 12Jun17. Tusen takk


Again, I feel like, depending on the context, should be translated as either "I want to stand by you." or "I want to stay with you."


When do you use sta and when star


"stå" is the infinitive form, typically used with modal verbs such as "må", "kan" and "vil".

"står" is the present tense.

If you do not have "å" on your keyboard, please use "aa" instead, not only "a", as that can cause confusion.


takk can you explain infinitive form


This seems like a good example of "vil" expressing intentionality that could be translated as "will". I admit I didn't try it, but is "I will stand with you" accepted?


I am finding it difficult to differentiate between will and want. there seems to be no consistency. are there any tips


Just yesterday, I learned to play "Stand By Me" on the piano. I found the sheet music for free on the net... nice arrangement, too.

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