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"Vi spiser halvdelen af brødet."

Translation:We eat half of the bread.

December 28, 2015



"we eat half the bread" was given as wrong, but this is a better translation in English ("half of the bread" isn't wrong - we just wouldn't say that)


I would say both/either

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I'm a native English speaker and it wouldn't occur to me to say "we are eating half the bread." I would say "half of the bread." So, agreed that both/either is correct.


I said "We eat half of the loaf of bread," and it was marked wrong. How would you specify a loaf in Danish?


You don't. A loaf of bread is just "et brød". But if you had a certain loaf that you eat the half of, I'd change the sentence a bit: "Vi spiser det halve brød."


Brød is almost always said to be aloaf of bread by DL. Please seek some consistency.


Why is a half loaf of bread wrong ad brød isca loaf of bread?


I understood "halv" to mean half. Can halv be used, or is "halvdelen" the proper form?


"halv" is an adjective and "halvdel" is a noun, so you use the two a bit differently

"Jeg spiser et halvt brød." I eat half a loaf of bread.
"Jeg spiser en halvdel." I eat (a) half.

"Det er et halvt liv." It is half a life.
"Jeg har boet her halvdelen af mit liv." I have lived here half of my life.


That's very helpful, thank you very much.

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