"Dzieci robią dużo błędów."

Translation:The children make a lot of mistakes.

December 28, 2015

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This is exactly why we have to combat child labour.


My answer "The children are making many mistakes" was not accepted. Is there an issue with the verb tense "are making" as opposed to "make"?


No, it's just that it seems more logical that they do it "generally". But in some contexts of course 'are making' could also work, so added it.


Is there a difference between when dużo or wiele would be used?


Some people think that it is a 'countable vs uncountable' difference, but it is not true. They are interchangeable in almost any context.

The difference is that "dużo' only has Nominative and Accusative, and sometimes it can be used in Genitive (I guess that's rather when it's negated Accusative). "wiele" doesn't have this problem, it can be used in any case.


I'm confused - by saying dużo only has Nom. and Acc. (and Gen only when it is negated Acc.), are you referring to the case of the noun it's describing? If so, this sentence here is an example of the noun it's describing being Genitive--without being negated Accusative. And isn't that the typical case used by nouns that dużo describes?


Well, that's what I've read, because as a native I am not really... aware of it ;) Let's look at it more closely:

Nominative: "Dużo dzieci robi błędy" -> no problem at all.

Accusative: "Widzę dużo dzieci" -> no problem at all.

Genitive... that's the part that confused me a bit, but now I think I get it. I understand that it can be used when it's needed by the verb, but not if it is needed by a preposition.

"Potrzebuję dużo wody" -> no problem. Although "Szukam dużo wody" sounds wrong to me, as would "Szukam wiele wody"... I guess you'd have to say "Szukam dużej ilości wody" (a big amount of water) :/

But "Chodzę do dużo sklepów" - that's clearly wrong. "Chodzę do wielu sklepów" works. So this is the situation when I can't use Genitive of 'dużo' when this Genitive is caused by the preposition.

And for the other cases - also, you cannot really use 'dużo', it will sound wrong.

Oh, and for your last sentence - yes, 'dużo' needs Genitive, but we're discussing what case 'dużo' itself takes.


Dużo is a quantifier, so it must take the genitive case. Same as in English: a lot of


"Children do lots of mistakes"? lots of=a lot of as far as I know.


"lots of" works, but you do not "do mistakes" in English.


So how would you say they make big mistakes?


"Dzieci robią duże błędy".

"robić" takes Accusative, "błędów" was in Genitive because it's governed by the quantifier "dużo".


I am a child and I find this sentence a little rude


Well, I guess we can make it less rude by changing the English main translation to use "The children".


Interesting how similar błędów is to blunders.


"Children make a lot mistakes" isn't accepted. Why?


It needs 'of': "a lot of mistakes".


"Children make a lot of failures" was not accepted

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