"I am resting in the bedroom."

Translation:Jeg ligger og hviler på soverommet.

December 28, 2015

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Can "i" be used? (instead of "på")


still no answer to this :( Why do we use på here ?


Norwegian uses prepositions differently than English. A full discussion of i and på would take many pages and even then it could only discuss general guidelines. You just have to try to learn various common combinations. There are also situations where either can be used. Sometimes the meaning is different depending on which you use. Sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it is just personal preference. There is also a general trend to use på more and more often.

To try to answer your question more concretely: a rough rule of thumb is that på is often used for places/rooms where something specific is taking place. In this case since you are doing something quite specific in the room (resting).

Thinking about it all too much (something I might just have done) can lead to brains getting fried. If you really want to go to "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" territory, you could for example read the information from språkradet at http://www.sprakradet.no/sprakhjelp/Skriverad/Preposisjonsbruk_bm/I_eller_paa/

Me, I'm going to stick with på in connection with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens in 99% of cases, leaving room for a tiny possibility that I might end up writing descriptions of holiday homes.


Wow that was some great answern takk ! So the action of the verb is also changing the "i"/"på", for example we'd say : Jeg drår i butikken og jeg kjøper på butikken ?


Why can't it be 'sitter'? You can still relax while sitting.


Why is there a 'ligger' here?


it's a commonly used expression in Norwegian. More information at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/continuous-forms


Since the Tree was updated, the link has changed. Click here to view Tips and Notes.


But must you use "ligger" in this sentence? Or can you omit it and just use "hviler"?


By omitting ligger og, you remove the emphasis from being in the process of resting.

If you want to review the Tips & Notes on the continuous form, you can see them here.


Hi, this link is not working :( I would really like to read more on it


Hang on, it is probably because I have not unlocked the module yet! So I don't have access...


That could be the case Safebra, cause I have part of this tree unlocked. I am quite far into the tree for this language. Hope you are able to get to this soon. Lykke til!


I am on Chrome, it just sends me to the tree... Weird it works for some but not for me


The link seems to be working on my computer, maybe it is a mobile thing?


I tried it, and it threw me straight out of the lesson. I was right at the end, too.


There is exceptions to på in this case, for in the cellar it is i kjeller and for the living room it is i stuen.


Why "pa" rather than "i" here, or is it just one of those things? :)


Think it is one of those things. I kjelleren og i stuen. Lykke til :)


Why can't I "sitter og hviler i sengerommet mitt"?


I was also curious why I couldn't "sitter og hviler". Perhaps it's a technicality or semantics. You can't 'hviler' in your 'sengerom' because 'sengerom' isn't a word.


What is the purpose of "og hviler"?


The 'ligger' (lies) part is used to imply the continuous form. The 'hviler' part is the translation for 'rest'.


Could you use a participle instead? Something like, Jeg ligger hvilende pa soverommet?

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