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  5. "Тут працюють три людини."

"Тут працюють три людини."

Translation:Three people work here.

December 28, 2015



"People" and "persons" are interchangeable here, are they not?


They should be. And it's strange to even use the word 'persons' as it is seldom used.


Yes, accepted now.


Why 'людини' and not 'люди'? Is this a specific construction in which 'людини' always follows the number as a singular genitive?


These words are kind of special.

Люди exists only in plural. There is no "одна люда" or something like that. Also, it does not work with 2,3 and 4 in a standard way (i.e. 2/3/4 + Plural Nominative). You cannot say "дві люди". It has to be двоє/троє/четверо людей (Plural Genitive). Двоє is a special form that can be used with animate nouns (not only this one, any noun, e.g. двоє братів). The rest is the same, 5 людей, 6 людей etc (Plural Genitive, as always).

Людина is singular, does not have a "stand-alone" plural. You cannot just say "людини" without a number attached to it, neither "багато людин". In plural it works only with 2, 3 and 4 (дві/три/чотири людини). Does not work with 5, 6 etc. (cannot say 5 людин).

It's weird. These are really special cases. Similarly, дитина and діти.

In summary:

Oh my GOD it's so complicated... It's just that special words end up like this. It's not like we all really sat around in a circle and made up these rules :')


Does this sentence emphasize the location by saying тут first? Or does word order not matter? In English you could emphasize "here" by starting with "At this location, we have three..."


Why is both "працюЄть" and "працюЮть" possible here?


Doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe "працюєть" was accepted as a typo.


В україні сказали б ТУТ ПРАЦЮЄ ТРОЄ ЛЮДЕЙ


Збірні числівники не вживаються з іменниками жіночого роду)

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