"Do I know you?"

Translation:Czy ja cię znam?

December 28, 2015

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My Polish friend tells me that my answer "Ciebie znam?" is correct but that they would never say it. Polish people rather say "Znam cię?"... Anyone have any good suggestions how to learn correct word orders for this stuff???

  1. You can remember, as a general rule, that a pronoun follows a verb:
    Znam cię = I know you.

  2. When a sentence has more words, it's natural to move it before a verb:
    W ogóle cię nie znam = I don't know you at all.

  3. If you want to stress a pronoun in some complex sentence, you use its longer form:
    Nie znam ciebie, ale jego tak = I don't know you, but I know him.

  4. You can also put it at the beginning. The stress is even stronger here:
    Ciebie nie znam, ale jego tak.

Hope this helps.


Ok so would "ciebe" be equivalent to "тебе" in Russian?


Actually not, which makes it confusing because they do sound so similar. But as "ciebie" is a form of Genitive and Accusative, its equivalent in Russian is "тебя".

"тебе", used for Dative and Prepositional (Polish Locative) will be "tobie".


How do you know whe to use 'Czy' in a question. Here the answer is given as 'Czy ja ciebie znam', but could it be 'znam ciebie'? Also when do we use 'ciebie' and when cie (e with accent- my keyboard doesn't do)?


Frankly, I think that "cię" is better here. "ciebie" is an emphasized form of the pronoun, so it's usually used when you need to contrast it with someone else or after a preposition.

As for "Czy"... well, you can omit it basically everywhere, but you shouldn't start a question (nor any other sentence) with a pronoun other than the subject pronoun. So "Czy ja cię znam?" could also be e.g. "Znam cię?" but not "Cię znam?".


Czy ja panów znam? Would this work


Yes, it works as "Do I know you, gentlemen?". Added now.


"czy i cię znam" isn't accepted. should I be able to work out "you" is plural here?


No, there's no way to work that out here. But why did you write "i"? It means 'and' in Polish.


Apologies..my chubby fingers. I meant to write "czy ja cię znam?". That may explain why it wasn't accepted though. Thanks for the quick reply

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