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certificate test

Certificate test uses vocab that hasnt been learned yet.

December 11, 2013



Yes I found that too i completely wasted my 25 lingots because I assumed like all good teachers Duolingo would test what had been taught! Cant the certificates be graded to the level you are at? Having said that I will now wait a lot longer before I try again (now I know!)


I took my first certificate test today. I had no idea what to expect. The questions are almost identical to the "normal" Duolingo units. One major issue: one cannot see what the correct answers are at the end! This is a missed learning opportunity. I want to know what I got wrong. It would help me concentrate my study in those areas.


The certificate test is not just based on vocabulary learned on Duolingo. It draws from the language as a whole. :)


Okay,I understand now. Really enjoying this site. Thank you for your fast response:)


Oops - I did not see that you were from the admin, then I would not, with all respect, have given you a lingot. I find your answer not satisfying because it tells us what we already know. The certificate tests ought to be based on vocabulary already learned. Isn't that possible? But still - duolingo is the best free language learning program I have seen.

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