"Ze wil niet gebeld worden op haar mobiele telefoon."

Translation:She does not want to be called on her cell phone.

2 years ago



Is "Ze wil niet worden gebeld op haar mobiele telefoon" any different?

2 years ago

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I know there is a difference between a 'phone' and a 'cell phone', but does English make a clear distinction between the two today (not a native speaker here)? At least I haven't heard the word mobile/cell phone in a long time, it has always been abbreviated as a phone.

2 years ago


You're partly right! British english tend to use just 'mobile', whereas American english generally use 'cell'. In other words, both omit the 'phone' suffix. In British english, using just 'phone' can imply either fixed/land or mobile/cell - often depending on the age of the person using or receiving the information. But you're right, the distinction is: a) negligible; b) changing. Best to make clear as and when you need to!

1 year ago
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