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I Finished My Second Tree! What I've Learned, Advice, and Reflection

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So I did it! I now have officially two golden owls, Swedish and German! I started this tree around January-February time, and I have accomplished my goal, to finish it before the New Year! I was at level 17 when I finished my Swedish tree, and level 18 German. I'm gonna tell ya, between all of the 10 lesson skills on the Swedish tree, and the enormous-never-ending tree on the German tree, I feel quite accomplished!!! I discovered Duolingo last year in December, I think. Early December, or Late November. I finished the Swedish tree in January or February, and the German today! These are such beautiful languages, and I am so happy to have learned them, and I will continue to learn them, because after each tree I think to myself, "I just did something that I thought was impossible." And that's the crazy.

I've learned a lot from Duolingo so far. I've learned that working hard at something, and working at every day, (almost every day, 'cause I can't say that I was so good about keeping that streak up (: ), is what it takes to accomplish a goal that seems mammoth. When I first came on this site, I said to myself, I'm gonna be like those people who have 25's across the board. I'm not, but, you know, I don't have to be to feel that I have, and can, accomplish anything and everything. Any newcomer to Duolingo should know it can't be done in a day, but the feeling when that golden owl pops up on your screen is better than anything that you could ever imagine, and it makes you wanna jump up and down and laugh and run around the house and eat a celebratory waffe, (I did all that, and if you were wondering, the waffle was delicious), and that feeling, that sense of accomplishment makes the whole thing worth it. Whew! That was quite the rant. I guess that covers the advice part of this, too.

Reflection...well, I've kinda covered that, too. But let's hit the stuff I didn't write yet! So, anybody who wants to know, and is still reading because their attention span is abnormally long, you will not be fluent in (...fill in blank...) language when ever you finish your tree. You'll feel like it. But you won't. There is still work to be done, and you can't just walk away from it once you've finished it. Swedish taught me that. (I still can't do the business skill on the tree at the end, it scares me. I did it once. That was enough.) That is why I plan to do French for German next, to correlate with the French I am learning in school, and to keep my German up.

So, that's all I got. Thank you Duolingo so much, thankyouthankyouthankyoutimesninebillionthankyou's! Have a nice day everyone! Danke, tack så mycket!

P.S. - Indonesian Course Makers, the faster you can make that course, the better! Thanks!

2 years ago