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  5. "The door is closed."

"The door is closed."

Translation:Drzwi są zamknięte.

December 28, 2015



Why "są" and not "jest"?


'drzwi' does not have a singular form


That's pretty weird.


I understand its because the word "drzwi" is a plural but are there any cases that you would have to refer to it in a singular way? Can you force the context of a sentence to say "this 1 door is the only door out of the building" or will it always be a rough equivilent to "this 1 doors are the only doors out of the building"?


Well, it's always "drzwi" in plural, so putting English grammar aside, to a Polish person those two sentences are completely identical.

I think it's really rare to have the need to make it clear you mean more than one.


If you wanted to say "this one door is big" (with emphasis on just this one), would that be "te jedne drzwi są duże"?


It's a pretty unusual thing to say, but looks correct to me.

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