2016 January Jumpstart Challenge

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    <h1>January Jumpstart Challenge</h1>

    What is the January Jumpstart Challenge?{@style=color : Teal}

    As a jumpstart to the New Year, I have decided to start a new collection of monthly challenges! They are called the Monthly Jumpstart Challenge. Below is the calendar of what we will be doing this month, every day.

    This is the January calendar. Each day there will be a different challenge, you have to do. You do not have to do the challenge every day, but it’s encouraged to. There will be 4 teams, with 4 team captains already chosen.

    In order to join… {@style=color : Teal}

    • You must have at least a 15 day streak (No exceptions)

    • You must not be a slacker

    • You must follow this post, or somehow be able to check this post every day for post notifications, and to check the current day’s challenge.

    • There are no fees, but you are welcome to donate lingots. (The prizes will be 300+ lingots, depending on how hard you work, and will be raised if a big increase of members drop out.) Prizes can go up to 1000 lingots! Top 3 will get put first on the next month waiting list.

    • No bad sportsmanship, no blaming team members

    • This is optional, but I recommend you follow your team leaders for updates.


    There will be 4 teams, members are randomly chosen. There are sister teams. ***Sister teams are where two teams team up, to form “allies”. There are a few daily challenges with sister teams. Because you need to pair up with someone else on your sister team, please read the following.

    <h1>If you are Member 5, you will team up with Member 5 on your sister team for ALL challenges</h1>

    Team A {@style=color : Crimson}

    Team B {@style=color : Indigo}

    Member 1 (A) teams up with Member 1(B) for the first challenge

    For the first challenge, you team up with the same member on your sister team. So if you are member 3, you team up with member 3 on your sister team.

    Member 1 (A) teams up with Member 2 (B) for the second challenge

    For the second challenge, you team up with the different member on your sister team. So if you are member 3, you team up with member 4 on your sister team. Member 4 pairs up with member 3 on the other team. Member 2 pairs up with member 1 on the other team.

    Member 1 (A) teams up member 3 (B) on the sister team.

    For the third challenge, you team up with the different member on your sister team. So if you are member 3, you pair up with member 1 on your sister team. Member 2 pairs up with member 4.

    Member 1 (A) teams up with member 4(B)

    For the last challenge, you team up with the member you have not teamed up yet, on your sister team. So if you are member 3, you pair up with member 2.

    <h1>If you have any questions, please contact me on my stream.</h1> <h1>Teams</h1>

    (Sister Team 1)

    Team Wolf Moon

    Captain (Member 1): Anorak13

    Member 2: CaptainAmerica16

    Member 3: AwrificRed

    Member 4: Jayway223

    Member 5: DiamondCraft97

    Team Carnation

    Captain (Member 1): KcaJP

    Member 2: EricaHarley

    Member 3: KrinaDoodle

    Member 4: schmidzy

    Member 5: sapphireoceanELF

    (Sister Teams 2)

    Team Garnet

    Captain (Member 1): QQJoy

    Member 2: RoseDG1

    Member 3: het_aapje

    Member 4: KateM303

    Member 5: MauriceDun

    Team Capricorn

    Captain (Member 1): Hyllning

    Member 2: DanielSebo

    Member 3: LiaLeonetta

    Member 4: MissThorson

    Member 5: A_User

    People eliminated from Week 1: AwrificRed, DiamondCraft97, KcaJP, KrinaDoodle

    People eliminated from Week 2: het_aapje, MauriceDun, KateM303, Hyllning, MissThorson, EricaHarley, sapphireoceanELF, Jayway223

    Day 22: Bored? You can go. For those that stay, earn as much XP as you want.

    Day 23: Earn at least 70 XP

    Day 24: Earn 3 skills, earn at least 120 XP

    Day 25: Earn at least 200 XP

    Day 26: Earn at least 50 XP from skills or Immersion

    Day 27: Earn at least 30 XP

    Day 28: PLANS CHANGED! Comment on someone's stream telling them how grateful you are to have them in the language you are learning.

    Day 29: Boring? You may leave, but not come back. For those that stay, take a break, earn as much XP as wanted.

    Day 30: Earn at least 140 XP

    Day 31: Each of you get 1000 lingots!

    December 28, 2015



    DAY 1: Hallo. Ich heiße Josh. Ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt. Einige Sachen Ich mag sind: joggen, Brettspielen, Sciencefiction, skilaufen, und studieren die Deutsche Sprache. Meine beste Schulesubjekten sind Mathematik und Geschichte. Meine schlechte Schulesubjekten sind Grammatik und Literatur. Meine liebste Bücherserie ist die Percy Jackson serie. Mein bester Film ist Kapitan Amerika: Winter Soldat. Ich wohne im U.S.A. in der Bundesland von Missouri.

    DAY 2: I completed Prepositions, Materials, and Numbers 3.

    DAY 3: Finished Comparison and Qualifiers. 176XP for the day.

    DAY 4: Have earned 100XP+ for the day with my sister partner EricaHarley.

    DAY 5: 50XP+ earned. Challenge completed.

    DAY 6: Challenge Completed! 2412XP.

    DAY 7: Challenge Completed! Sagen Sie mich dass du brauchst mich. Zu helfen Sie finden einen Weg Durch alle diesem Wahnsinn. Kann Ich das Licht deines Tag bin? Bitte, werden Sie mich glauben? Sogar noch Sie übereinstimmen nicht? Kennen Sie dass Ich versuche Zu helfen uns"

    DAY 8: Challenge Completed! This was the hardest challenge of them all!

    DAY 9: Challenge Completed! Learned Countries and Nationalities on my Esperanto Tree.

    DAY 10: Learned Basics 1 & Basics 2 on my German Reverse Tree. People 2 on my Standard German Tree. Earned more than the daily requirement of XP.

    DAY 11: Challenge Completed!

    DAY 12: Challenge Completed!

    DAY 13: Challenge Completed!

    DAY 14: Oh My G-O-S-H! Members 2 (of which I am one) have the longest paragraph to translate! Time to pull out the English-German Dictionaries.

    DAY 15: Earned at least 10XP. I wish Saturdays were the day off instead of Fridays.

    DAY 16: Earned 721XP. Learned "Christmas" and "Verbs: Future" on my German Tree.

    DAY 17: Completed Skills "Flirting" and "Idioms". Earned 344XP.

    DAY 18: Earned my 200XP with my team partner schmalzy.

    DAY 19: Earned at least 19XP.

    DAY 20: Earned 163XP.

    DAY 21: Challenge Complete.

    DAY 22: Challenge Complete. Bird drawn.

    DAY 23: Skill Learned, Challenge Complete.

    DAY 24: Challenge Completed. 3 Skills Learned on English Tree (From German). 180XP Earned!

    DAY 25: Earned 200XP+. My would-be-partner for this challenge has been eliminated.

    DAY 26: Earned 70XP from skills. Tree is fully gold!

    DAY 27: Earned 400XP+ Challenge Complete!

    DAY 28: Challenge Completed!!

    DAY 29: Challenge Completed!

    DAY 30: Challenge Completed, Learned a skill on English Tree.

    DAY 31: I'm still alive! I've made it!

    December 29, 2015


    Sister Team Explanation:

    There has been some confusion about who people are to pair up with for the sister team challenges. This is an endeavor to help explain this.


    Anorak13 & KcajP

    CaptainAmerica16 & EricaHarley

    AwrificRed & KrinaDoodle

    Jayway223 & schmidzy

    DiamondCraft97 & sapphireoceanELF


    QQJoy & Hyllning

    RoseDG1 & DanielSebo

    het_aapje & LiaLeonetta

    KateM303 & MissThorson

    MauriceDun & A_User

    Challenge 2:


    Anorak13 & EricaHarley

    CaptainAmerica16 & KcaJP

    AwrificRed & schmidzy

    Jayway223 & KrinaDoodle

    DiamondCraft97 & sapphireoceanELF


    QQJoy & DanielSebo

    RoseDG1 & Hyllning

    het_aapje & MissThorson

    KateM303 & LiaLeonetta

    MauriceDun & A_User

    Challenge 3:


    Anorak13 & KrinaDoodle

    CaptainAmerica16 & schmidzy

    AwrificRed & KcaJP

    Jayway223 & EricaHarley

    DiamondCraft97 & sapphireoceanELF


    QQJoy & LiaLeonetta

    RoseDG1 & MissThorson

    het_aapje & Hyllning

    KateM303 & DanielSebo

    MauriceDun & A_User

    Challenge 4:


    Anorak13 & schmidzy

    CaptainAmerica16 & KrinaDoodle

    AwrificRed & EricaHarley

    Jayway223 & KcaJP

    DiamondCraft97 & sapphire oceanELF


    QQJoy & MissThorson

    RoseDG1 & LiaLeonetta

    het_aapje & DanielSebo

    KateM303 & Hyllning

    MauriceDun & A_User

    January 4, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      You don't get to choose your team, read the post thoroughly :P

      December 29, 2015


      You can upload a screenshot using imgur.com. Just copy paste into paint or something, and save, then go to imgur and upload. You don't need an account to be able to upload pictures. :-)

      January 4, 2016



      January 4, 2016


      You're welcome! :-)

      January 4, 2016


      I'll donate 2000 lingots for prizes :)

      • Day 1 Hola mi nombre es Josías hablo un idioma incluyendo Inglés , estoy aprendiendo español y después de que termine mi árbol español voy a completar el árbol ruso

      • Day 2 Completed three skills and earned the required 90 XP

      • Day 3 Competed two skills and earned 120 XP (Donated 500 more ingots)\

      • Day 4 Earned 200 XP

      • Day 5 Earned 50 XP

      • Day 6 Completed

      • Day 7 Completed

      • Day 8 Completed

      • Day 9 Earned 150 XP & leaned a Skill

      • Day 10 Challenge completed

      • Day 11 Challenge completed

      • Day 12 Challenge completed

      • Day 13 Challenge completed

      • Day 14 Challenge Missed

      • Day 15 Challenge completed

      • Day 16 Challenge completed

      • Day 17 Challenge Completed

      • Day 18 Challenge Completed

      • Day 19 Challenge Completed

      • Day 20 Challenge Completed

      • Day 21 Challenge Completed

      • Day 22 Challenge Completed

      • Day 23 Challenge Completed

      • Day 24 Challenge Completed

      • Day 25 Challenge Completed

      • Day 26 Challenge Completed

      • Day 27 Challenge Completed

      December 29, 2015

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks :)

        December 29, 2015


        De nada :)

        December 29, 2015


        I'd like to join :)

        Day 1: Ciao! Mi chiamo Amelia, e vengo dall'Irlanda. Sono alta, con capelli rossi. Sto imparando l'italiano dal marzo scorso da sola, mi piace molto e vorrei abitare in Italia un giorno forse, mentre a scuola sto imparando irlandese e tedesco. Sono stata a Napoli e a Roma l'anno scorso. È stata una gita bellissima, ma troppo corta. Oltre a imparare le lingue, mi piacciono il calcio, il basket, la musica e la lettura. La mia squadra di calcio preferita è il Barcellona, mentre i miei cantanti preferiti sono Il Volo e Tiziano Ferro.

        Day 2: 3 skills: https://m.imgur.com/MeudYgF I wasn't sure whether I had to screenshot them separately or not :/ 90 XP: https://m.imgur.com/iCYfg8Q

        Day 3: 2 skills and XP (keep scrolling down): https://m.imgur.com/a/qjDJG

        Day 4: I earned over 100 XP, my partner earned 250 XP.

        Day 5: Over 50 XP earned.

        Day 6: Over 30 XP earned and commented on QQJoy's stream.

        Day 7: Song translated and posted on QQJoy's stream.

        Day 8: Still here! :P

        Day 9: Over 70 XP earned and skill completed.

        Day 10: 3 skills completed and over 120 XP earned.

        Day 11: Over 200 XP earned.

        Day 12: Over 100 XP earned.

        Day 13: Over 30 XP earned.

        Day 14: Completed.

        Day 15: Completed.

        Day 16: Completed.

        Day 17: Completed.

        Day 18: Completed.

        Day 19: Completed.

        Day 20: Completed.

        Day 21: Completed.

        Day 22: Completed.

        Day 23: Completed.

        Day 24: Completed.

        Day 25: Completed.

        Day 26: Completed.

        Day 27: Completed,

        Day 28: Chi è la mia persona preferita? Non lo so esattamente, è una domanda difficile. Non ho una persona preferita, ma ci sono molte persone che ammiro. Ecco alcune di loro:

        Prima, la mia famiglia, che deve sopportarmi ogni giorno. In particolare i miei genitori, che lavorano sodo per assicurare che io e miei fratelli andiamo bene a scuola e che ci sia sempre cibo in tavola ogni sera e che tutti siano felici. Secondo, i miei amici, che sono completamente pazzi, ma sempre pronti a offrire il loro aiuto e sostegno. Ci sono molte altre persone, come i miei insegnanti e personaggi famosi, ma se parlo di loro starei a scrivere per tutto il giorno!

        Day 29: Completed.

        Day 30: Completed.

        Day 31: I made it to the end :D

        December 29, 2015

        [deactivated user]

          You will be added to a team soon :)

          December 29, 2015


          Thanks :)

          December 29, 2015


          I would like to join! Also, could you explain the Wednesday hump day challenges? I don't understand what it means to add those numbers to your weekly xp.

          Day 1: Hallo zusammen! Ich heiße schmidzy. Ich wohne in den USA und bin Flötistin beruflich. Englisch ist meine Muttersprache, und ich habe Deutsch hier auf Duolingo gelernt. Gerade lerne ich meistens Polnisch. Ich freue mich auf diesen January Jumpstart! Cześć! Jestem schmidzy. Jestem amerykanką. Mówię po angielsku, po niemiecku, i trochę po polsku (uczę się polskiego). Lubię książki, koty, i Duolingo!

          Day 2: I don't know how people are posting pictures :( But I finished for today! And 3 skills meant I reached the third checkpoint on my Polish tree woohoo!

          Day 3: One new skill in Polish and one on the reverse tree. 108 xp.

          Day 4: I am finished. My partner is Jayway223.

          Day 5: 50 xp. Finished.

          Days 6-7: Finished and posted on QQJoy's stream.

          Day 8: I'm staying! :)

          Day 9: Finished verbs present 4 in Polish and earned 117 xp.

          Day 10: Finished 3 skills (1 Polish and 2 reverse tree) and gained 144 xp.

          Day 11: Finished my 200 xp.

          Day 12: Finished.

          Day 13: Finished.

          Day 14: "Was ist der Unterschied, Potter, zwischen Monkshood und Wolfsbane?"

          Bei dieser Frage stand Hermine auf, die Hand auf der Kerkerdecke ausgestreckt.

          "Das weiß ich nicht," sagte Harry leise. "Aber ich glaube Hermine weiß es, also warum denn nehmen Sie sie nicht dran?"

          Einige Leute lachten. Harry erblickte Seamus als Seamus ihm zuzwinkerte. Snape war allerdings nicht erfreut.

          Day 15: I'm staying!

          Day 16: 152 xp and finished Animals 2 in Polish.

          Day 17: 278 xp and finished Verbs Present 1 in English for Polish, and Perfective in Polish for English.

          Day 18: My team partner CaptainAmerica16 and I each completed over 200 xp, for a total of 400+.

          Day 19: Finished.

          Day 20: Finished.

          Day 21: http://imgur.com/pIdZbBC

          Day 22: I'm staying!

          Day 23: Learned Verbs of Motion (Polish) and earned 75 xp.

          Day 24: Finished.

          Day 25: Finished.

          Day 26: Finished.

          Day 27: Finished.

          Day 28: Wrote to A_User in Polish.

          Day 29: I'm staying!

          December 29, 2015

          [deactivated user]

            I will add you to a team! :) Hump day challenges... You have to earn at least 30. :)

            December 29, 2015


            Can I join for a future month?

            And is it possible to follow along with the challenge as if I were "auditing" a university course? In other words, not getting credit but doing the challenges as best I can (except those that involve partners since I won't have one of those :p).

            I was added, so here it goes.

            DAY 1 -- Russian Language

            Привет! Меня зовут Роза. Я живу в Калифорния. У меня 27 лет. Я -- домашняя хозяйка. У меня 2 дети -- 1 мальчик и 1 девочка. У мена хорошая собака. Я люблю сушиб и не лублю пиво.

            Day 2:

            I messed up and didn't screen shot my first skill -- Adjective 1. I'm sorry. :( Second skill (Past and Infinitive) -- http://i65.tinypic.com/289eams.jpg Third skill (Shopping) -- http://i66.tinypic.com/hu1sgg.jpg Today's XP (170) -- http://i68.tinypic.com/neep8n.jpg

            Holy crud, that's a lot of learning in one language -- my brain is fried. :) Hopefully it will all sink in somehow while I sleep. :)

            Day 3: Finish at least 3 skills, earn at least 90 XP

            Skill 1 (Dative and Plurals) -- http://tinypic.com/r/1zeggh5/9

            Skill 2 (Told Ya aka Speaking 1) -- http://tinypic.com/r/wunjfa/9

            XP (100) -- http://tinypic.com/r/nq3by8/9

            DAY 4:

            My partner is DanielSebo. I earned 110 XP.

            DAY 5:

            50 XP completed.

            Day 6:

            30 XP completed.

            Day 7:

            My part of the song in English:

            Do you remember the day (that sunny day) When you first came my way I said, no one could take your place And if you get hurt (if you get hurt) By the little things I say I can put that smile back on your face

            And in Russian:

            ты помнишь день (это солнечный день)? / когда ты приходи́л мне, я говори́л никто могли заменять тебя / А исли ты больно (исли ты больно) / Hа то, что я говорю / Я могу класть эта улыбка на лице

            Day 8:

            Definitely staying! :) This game is so much fun. :)

            Day 9:

            70 xp completed. Completed life, body, and death skill.

            Day 10:

            Completed 3 skills and 170 xp.

            Day 11:

            Earned 200 XP.

            Day 12:

            Earned 100xp.

            Day 13:

            Earned 30xp

            Day 14:

            English: "It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. You, who have never known your family, see them standing around you. Ronald Weasley, who has always been overshadowed by his brothers, sees himself standing alone, the best of all of them. However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible.”

            Russian: “Он показывает нам только нас глубокое и самые отчаянные желания. Ты, кто никогда не знал вашей семьи, ви́дишь их стоя вокруг тебя. Роналд Уизли, кто всегда было омрачено его братья, видит себя стоял один, лучший из всех из них. Однако, это зеркало даст нам ни знаний, ни истины. Мужчины чахнуят перед ним, очарован, что они видели. они были сделаны сумасшедший, не зная, если он показывает реальные или возможно даже.”

            Day 15:

            I'm still in!

            Day 16:

            151 xp and 1 skill.

            Day 17:

            100xp and 2 skills.

            Day 18:

            My partner dropped out -- 110 xp completed.

            Day 19:

            30xp completed.

            Day 20:

            60+ xp complete.

            Day 21

            100xp plus drawing http://i67.tinypic.com/jtuoh0.jpg

            Day 22:

            Still in and earning XP!

            Day 23:

            90+XP and 1 skill!

            Day 24:

            150xp and 3 skills

            Day 25:


            Day 26:


            Day 27:

            The site was down -- XP completed after midnight. :(

            Day 28:

            QQJoy -- I posted on your stream. :)

            Day 29:

            Stayin' alive, stayin' alive...

            Day 30:

            148xp and 1 skill

            December 30, 2015

            [deactivated user]

              Sure :)

              December 31, 2015


              I'd like to join. Um... can I pick my team or wut?

              EDIT: If I donate, will you raise the prize(s)?

              <h1>January Jumpstart Challenges</h1>

              Day 1:

              Je m'appelle Erica. Je suis très jeune; mais je suis très intelligent et mature pour mon âge. J'aime l'apprentissage des langues, et celui que je suis concentré sur ce moment est le français. Ma grand-mère est originaire de France et je veux visiter la France un jour alors je suis l'apprendre aussi bien que je peux.

              Day 2:

              Completed 3 skills, earned 160 XP.

              Here are the snapshot links:

              Day 3:

              Completed 2 skills, earned 90 XP.

              Day 4:

              I earned 100 XP with my sister team partner, CaptainAmerica16.

              Day 5:

              I earned 50 XP.

              Day 6:

              17 sentences translated and one skill practiced. Total of 440 XP.

              Day 7:

              I can't do this challenge. The song I am to translate makes no sense at all. Sorry.

              Day 8:


              Day 9:

              Earned at least 70 XP.

              Day 10:

              Finished 3 skills and earned at least 120 XP.

              Day 11:


              <h1>I have dropped out! Have fun, all you other competitors.</h1>
              December 28, 2015

              [deactivated user]

                You are not officially on a team yet, but I will assign you to a team soon. :)

                December 28, 2015


                So... how do people join? Like, why do you have to be officially signed or whatever?

                December 28, 2015

                [deactivated user]

                  When I am pretty sure there are enough people, I will randomly assign people to teams. You can donate, and each person can get as much lingots as they deserve :)

                  December 28, 2015


                  Oh, OK. But just to let you know, I would prefer to be on Team Capricorn (edited). By prefer I mean that I would like to but it's your choice to put me anywhere you please. :)

                  December 28, 2015


                  You'd do that Daniel? gasps

                  December 29, 2015


                  I nominate EricaHarley as TRIBUTE! ^-^

                  December 28, 2015


                  Awwww. Erica isn't on my team =(

                  December 29, 2015

                  [deactivated user]

                    Junco is changed to Team Capricorn :)

                    December 28, 2015


                    Day 1:

                    Guten tag. Ich bin Daniel. Mir geht's gut. Ich leibe Flash und Pferden. Ich komme aus Europä. Ich bin lustig und schnell. Auf wiedersehen. Bis bald.

                    Day 2:






                    Day 3:





                    Day 4:

                    I got 123 XP (as of 10:30 AM) and my partner is RoseDG1.

                    Day 5:

                    I got way over 50 XP.

                    Day 6:

                    Earned a lot more than 30 XP (1075 XP).

                    Day 7:

                    Wenn mörgen kommt ich werden sein alleine Gefühl Angst von Die Zeug das ich nein kennt Wenn mörgen kommt Mörgen kommt Mörgen kommt

                    Day 9:

                    130 XP as of 10:45 AM.

                    Day 10:

                    Finished 3 skills and got way over 120 XP today.

                    Day 11:

                    I got 580 XP today.

                    Day 12:

                    I got 108 XP from non-Immersion sources.

                    Day 13:

                    I got way over 30 XP (93 XP as of 5:45 PM).

                    Day 14:

                    Section 2 into German:

                    „Können Sie denken, was der Spiegel von Erised zeigt uns allen?“ Harry rüttelte seinen Kopf. „Lassen Sie mich erklären. Der glücklichste Mann auf Erde würde in der Lage sein, den Spiegel von Erised wie, das heißt, würde er es untersuchen und genau sehen, wie er ist. Tut diese Hilfe. „Harry-Gedanke. Dann sagte er langsam, „er zeigt uns, was wir… wünschen, was auch immer wir wünschen…“ „Ja und Nr.,“ sagte Dumbledore ruhig. „Es zeigt uns nichts mehr oder weniger als der tiefste, hoffnungsloseste Wunsch unserer Inneren. Sie, das nie Ihre Familie gekannt haben, sehen sie, um Sie zu stehen. Ronald Weasley, der immer von seinen Brüdern überschattet worden ist, selbst alleine stehend, das Beste von alle. Jedoch gibt dieser Spiegel uns weder Wissen oder Wahrheit. Männer haben weg vor ihm vergeudet, hingerissen durch, was sie gesehen haben oder gewesen angetriebenes wütendes, nicht wissen, wenn, was es zeigt, real oder sogar möglich ist. „Der Spiegel wird auf ein neues Haus morgen, Harry verschoben, und ich bitte Sie nach ihm wieder, zu suchen nicht zu gehen. Wenn Sie überhaupt über es laufen, werden Sie jetzt vorbereitet. Es tut nicht, um auf Träumen zu bleiben und zu vergessen zu leben, erinnern Sie sich an das. Jetzt warum nicht tun Sie, setzen sich Sie dass bewundernswerte.

                    Day 16:

                    I earned more than 140 XP and one skill.

                    Day 17:

                    I finished 2 skills, and I earned 95 XP.

                    Day 18:

                    I earned over 200 XP.

                    Day 19:

                    I got more than 19 XP.

                    Day 20:

                    I got more 97 XP (as of 12:30 PM).

                    Day 21:

                    I drew Duo at home.

                    Day 22:

                    I got over 200 XP.

                    Day 23:

                    I earned 320 XP.

                    Day 24:

                    Challenge completed.

                    Day 25:

                    I earned 276 XP.

                    Day 26:

                    I earned 105 XP from skills and Immersion.

                    Day 27:

                    I earned 537 XP.

                    Day 28:

                    Challenge completed.

                    Day 29:

                    I earned 184 XP and am not dropping out.

                    Day 30:

                    I earned 434 XP.

                    Day 31:


                    -Thank you so much QQJoy, for hosting this competition. I look forward to being in the next one.-

                    December 28, 2015

                    [deactivated user]

                      I will put your name on the list, and you will find out which team you are on soon :)

                      December 29, 2015


                      I'll join! I really like that you have less on the weekends, since those are my busiest times. :-)

                      And have a few lingots, too. :-)

                      Day 1
                      Salut! Je m'appelle Tigger. Je suis Anglais. J'apprends le français; le polonais; le japonais; et le russe. Mon français est trés mal, mais j'apprend. J'aime le thé et le café. J'ai trés fatiguée. :-)

                      Day 2

                      Day 3
                      Very busy so uncomplete.

                      Day 4
                      I earned at least 100 xp with my sister team partner MauriceDun.

                      Day 5
                      Is it really already Day 5? :-) I earned at least 50 xp today.

                      Day 6
                      I earned more than 30 xp. :-)

                      Day 7
                      J'ai tout je besoing quand je tu ai. Je regarde autour de moi, et vois la vie douce. Je suis coincé dans le noir mais tu es ma lampe de poche. Vous me faire, me faire à travers la nuit.

                      I'm sure I have mistakes in there, if anyone notices anything, please tell me! :-)

                      Day 8
                      I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not leaving! :-)

                      Day 9
                      Completed Genitive 1 in Russian (and I still don't understand it) and earned at least 70 xp.

                      Day 10
                      Uncompleted. :-(

                      Day 11
                      I earned at least 200 xp with my sister team partner, MauriceDun.

                      Day 12
                      I earned more than 100 xp without immersion.

                      Day 13
                      I earned at least 30 xp. And realised that we're almost halfway through the month already! :-)

                      Day 14
                      "C'est vrai?" il dit. "Ils disent tout le long du train que Harry Potter est dans ce compartiment. Donc, il est vous, est-il?" "Oui," Harry dit. Il regardait les autres garçons. Deux d'entre eux étaient trapu et ressemblait gardes du corps. "Oh, c'est Crabbe et c'est Goyle," dit le garçon pâle négligemment, remarquant où Harry recherche. "Et je m'appele Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

                      I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes in there, please, if you notice anything, let me know.

                      Day 15
                      I'm still here, and here I'm staying! :-)

                      Day 16
                      Finished Adverbs 2 in French and earned more than 140 xp.

                      Day 17
                      Finished Defining and Demonstrative Pronouns in Polish and earned more than 90 xp.

                      Day 18
                      Earned more than 200 xp. My sister team partner has dropped out.

                      Day 19
                      Earned at least 19 xp.

                      Day 20
                      Earned at least 30 xp.

                      Day 21
                      Earned at least 10 xp and drew my bird, proving to the world that I am not an artist.

                      Day 22
                      I'm staying! :-)

                      Day 23
                      I earned at least 70 xp and finished Accusative in Esperanto.

                      Day 24
                      Finished a skill in each of Polish, Russian, and German and earned at least 120 xp.

                      Day 25
                      Earned at least 200 xp. My sister team partner has dropped out.

                      Day 26
                      Earned at least 50 xp.

                      Day 27
                      Earned at least 30 xp.

                      Day 28
                      Almost done! Ma personne préférée (pour le moment) est Annie (AnIsAKitten). Elle est une personne très agréable et une bonne amie. Elle a inventé une famille de Duolingoers, et a beaucoup de frères et sœurs. Elle est ma grand-mère dans cette famille. Elle refuse de pratiquer ses échelles autant que je lui dis de. Elle apprend le japonais, le gallois, et néerlandais.

                      Day 29
                      I'm staying! Not much point in leaving at this point, anyway. :-)

                      Day 30
                      Finished a German skill and earned at least 140 xp. Congratulations to everyone who made it this far!

                      December 29, 2015

                      [deactivated user]

                        You will be added to a team soon :)

                        December 29, 2015


                        Thank you! :-)

                        December 29, 2015

                        [deactivated user]
                          <h1>Day 1:</h1>

                          Hallo, Ich bin Freude. Ich lerne Deutsch. Ich lebe in den USA, in der Nähe der Ostküste. Ich habe Deutsch ein Jahr lernen. Ich liebe Kartoffeln, und ich kann alles mit ihm zu kochen. Ich bin für ein spontanes, gewagte Mädchen, das genießt Spaß bekannt.{@style = text-shadow: 4px 4px 4px #bbb}

                          <h1>Day 2:</h1>

                          <h1>Day 3:</h1>

                          <h1>Day 4:</h1>

                          Finished 125 XP, partners with Hyllning

                          <h1>Day 5:</h1>

                          Earned 64 XP

                          <h1>Day 6:</h1>

                          finished XP

                          <h1>Day 8:</h1>

                          Earned some XP

                          <h1>Day 10: Earned 70 XP</h1> <h1>Day 10:</h1>

                          Finished 3 skills and earned at least 120 XP.

                          <h1>Day 11:</h1>

                          Earned 200 XP with DanielSebo.

                          January 1, 2016

                          <h1>Hyllning's Challenge Log:</h1>

                          Leader of Team Capricorn

                          Day 1: {@style=color:green}

                          Hallo! Ich bin Daniel aus Illinois. Ich liebe Bogenschießen, Sushi, Sandbox-Videospielen und die Tribute von Panem (The Hunger Games). Ich möchte Meeresbiologie studiert und geht Sie zu Clemson University. Mitteilung ich, wenn Sie Hilfe bei allem Duolingo brauche!


                          I am Daniel from Illinois. I love archery, sushi, sandbox video games, and The Hunger Games. I would like to study marine biology and go to Clemson University. Message me if you need help with anything Duolingo!

                          Day 2: {@style=color:green}

                          Day 3: {@style=color:green}

                          Strengthened German Body-2 and Christmas, earned 98 XP

                          Day 4: {@style=color:green}

                          Finished 540 XP, partners with QQJoy

                          Day 5: {@style=color:green}

                          Earned 50 XP, Challenge completed.

                          Day 6: {@style=color:green}

                          Earned 69 XP.

                          Day 7: {@style=color:green}

                          Second Half of Chorus | Flashlight - Jessie J.

                          Translated in German

                          Can’t stop my heart when you shinin’ in my eyes. I can’t lie, it’s a sweet life. I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight. You're gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night.

                          Kann mein Herz nicht aufhören, wenn Sie glänzen in den Augen. Kann nicht lügen, es ist eine süße Leben. Ich stecke in der Dunkelheit, aber du meine Taschenlampe sind. Sie werden mich immer, immer mich durch die Nacht.

                          Day 8: {@style=color:green}

                          Continuing Challenge..

                          Day 9: {@style=color:green}

                          Earned 310 XP as of 1:00PM Central Time.

                          Day 10: {@style=color:red}

                          Out sick, did not complete.

                          Day 11: {@style=color:green}

                          250 XP earned.

                          Day 12: {@style=color:red}


                          Day 13: {@style=color:red}

                          Uncompleted, left competition due to family issues and health. =[

                          January 1, 2016


                          I'd love to join! :)

                          Day 1: Mi llamos Rachelle. Estoy aprendiendo tres idiomas. Vivo en los Estados Unidos. Me gustaría visitar un país de habla española que algún día. Yo puedo ser sarcástico, no estoy tan dulce como usted puede pensar....xD Libros es mi vida. Sólo soy un poco de un empollón. Soy una persona artística. :)

                          Day 2:

                          Day 3: [did not complete]

                          Day 4: With my sister team companion we've together earned 470 xp's.

                          Day 5: Earned 150 xp's.

                          Day 6: Earned 60xp's.

                          Day 7: Spanish: Yo veo las sombras de largo por debajo de la cima de la montaña, no tengo miedo, cuando la lluvia no se detendrá, porque tú iluminas el camino, tú iluminas el camino, tú iluminas el camino.

                          English: I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top, I'm not afraid, when the rain won't stop, cause you light the way, you light the way, you light the way.

                          Have dropped out, too many things to do. Good luck to y'all!

                          December 29, 2015

                          [deactivated user]

                            I will add you to a team :)

                            December 29, 2015


                            Thank you. I may slack off for January 21st, as that is my birthday. xD

                            December 29, 2015

                            [deactivated user]

                              Happy Early birthday then :)

                              December 29, 2015


                              Haha, thanks. :)

                              December 29, 2015


                              Day 1: Oi. O meu nome é Jay e estou aprendendo português, espanhol e noruega. Terminei os árvores de português e espanhol, e estou trabalhando a terminar o árvore de noruega. Gostaria de ser fluente em português, alemão, francês, e espanhol.

                              Day 2:



                              Day 3:



                              Day 4: 2 skills strengthened and I finished the Adverbs skill in the Norwegian tree which was 8 lessons, so that's 100 XP. I can't screenshot because I'm going to be restricted to my phone until the weekend and most weekdays. Sorry for the inconvenience!

                              Day 5: 3 skills strengthened and one 2 lesson skill. 50 XP earned.

                              Day 6:

                              December 29, 2015

                              [deactivated user]

                                You will be added to a team soon :)

                                December 29, 2015


                                I am interested in joining. Good way to keep up my streak and try and get to know other people here since I tend to keep to myself for the language learning process. :)

                                Day One: Introduction

                                Ciao, io sono Kate. Io ho 24 anni e sto vivendo in Washington DC, USA. Studio Italiano perché io ho visitato Italia e amo il Paese, voglio tornare Italia. Io lavoro in una biblioteca e io suono il violino per divertimento. Voglio studiare anche polacco per questa sfida.

                                Day Two:

                                Polish Skills: Present 1; Negation and Pronouns. http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af117/MusicNut75/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-02%20at%2010.04.34%20AM_zpsjawzmfav.png

                                Made it an even 100 xp points. http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af117/MusicNut75/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-02%20at%2010.16.47%20AM_zpsqrfouz3z.png

                                Day Three

                                120 points today : http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af117/MusicNut75/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-03%20at%2010.38.15%20AM_zpsvsw4an9y.png

                                Three skills since I was so close to the checkpoint: Polish Possessions, Present 2 and Family http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af117/MusicNut75/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-03%20at%2010.38.04%20AM_zpsvap2tyev.png

                                Day Four MissThorson and I have each completed our 100xp for today!

                                Day Five: Completed 50xp for today!

                                Day Nine: Completed 110 xp points so far (I'm sure I'll do more) and finished Household for Polish.

                                December 29, 2015

                                [deactivated user]

                                  I will add you to a team :)

                                  December 29, 2015


                                  Day 1: Hallo, Ich heiße Kyungmi. Ich komme aus Großbritannien. Ich leibe musik und Ich Violin und Klavier spielen. Tschuss! :)

                                  Day 2:

                                  Day 3:

                                  Day 4: I earned 100XP, I'm not sure if my partner did theirs yet.

                                  Day 5: 50XP earned.

                                  December 29, 2015

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    I will add you to the list tomorrow :)

                                    December 29, 2015


                                    I will join! DOnating 100 lingots...

                                    December 29, 2015

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      Okay, thank you :) I will add you to a team soon :)

                                      December 29, 2015


                                      Great, thanks :)

                                      December 29, 2015

                                      <h1>Day 1 (the language being German):</h1>

                                      Hallo, mein Name ist Veronica. Ich lebe im Hawaii-insel und ich liebe es hier! Mein Mutter und Vater beide sind deutsche, und mein Vater sprechst Deutsch. Ich hoffe to Deutschland besuch wenn ich älter bin. Ich bin sehr hoch (is that the right word? Maybe groß, but I'm not, like, big or anything) für mein alter (Ich bin 5' 5 1/2'' bereits, sorry I just can't use the metric system XD) Ich auch liebe Duolingo! Es ist sehr Spaß! Mein Tor für Duolingo ist ebene 25 erreichen im Deutsch. Und... das ist alles!

                                      I probably have tons of mistakes in that but I'm surprised how little I had to use Google Translate! I'm getting better!

                                      <h1>Day 2 (the language being Italian)</h1>

                                      December 29, 2015

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        I have added you to a team :)

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        Wow QQ, your organizational skills when it comes to these challenges is unrivaled by anyone (except perhaps Paula ;) )! This is really an amazing set of challenges you have put together. I love the idea of setting a different goal for every day of the week. Good luck to everyone that's playing in the challenge! :D

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        You should join! We need an EnigmaticTiger on our team!!!

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        Unfortunately I do not have a 15 day streak. Also, the teams filled up fast!

                                        I'm interested to see how the Duo competitions are faring nowadays. I'd love to see Mod vs. Mod make a comeback at some point!

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        I can't wait for the Mod vs. Mod too. Maybe you should be the host?

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        He who holds the blue ribbon, does the trunk dance of joy.

                                        December 29, 2015


                                        I would like to join as well. Just donated 100 lingots.

                                        Day 1

                                        Bonjour et bonne année. Je m'appelle Maurice et viens des Etats-Unis. J'apprends français pendant un an. Je ai gradué de l'université en mai. J'aime lire des livres sur la science et l'histoire.

                                        Day 2:



                                        Day 3: http://imgur.com/akfA5Kw


                                        Day 4: Earned 100xp with my sister team partner A_User (Also I completed the Esperanto Tree!)

                                        Day 5: Complete. Earned 170 xp.

                                        Day 6: Complete. Earned 165 xp.

                                        Day 7: (Missed) I apologize to my team.

                                        My lyrics:Ooo and it's alright and it's comin' 'long We got to get right back to where we started from Love is good, love can be strong We got to get right back to where we started from

                                        In Spanish: Ooo y está bien y está llegando a lo largo Debemos volver al punto de partida del amor es bueno, el amor puede ser fuerte Tenemos que volver al punto de partida de.

                                        December 29, 2015

                                        [deactivated user]

                                          I will add you to a team :)

                                          December 29, 2015



                                          January 1, 2016


                                          If it's okay to make a correction, I want to say that in your third sentence it needs to be J'aime, not Je aime.

                                          January 2, 2016


                                          Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I made that mistake!! So sorry, I'll correct it immediately. :)

                                          January 2, 2016


                                          I finished the challenge yesterday and included a link of it in post i wasnt aware if you saw it or not because it doesnt say on this post that i have done it

                                          January 5, 2016
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