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"Eu serei uma espécie de embaixador institucional."

Translation:I will be a kind of institutional ambassador.

December 11, 2013



...and, please, what IS an "institutional ambassador" ??? Or even "a kind of institutional ambassador" ???


I'm with you, orfeonegro - DL, please, please tell us!


''sort of' was rejected ...perhaps rightfully...


This a formal way to say that. In colloquial conversation we usually say "tipo de" instead.


It is accepted now.


"Eu serei uma espécie de embaixador institucional." - I will be a kind of institutional ambassador.

Can you replace "espécie" with "tipo" here (or anywhere)?


Yes, it even sounds more natural in some sentences.

Eu serei um tipo de embaixador institucional.


Thanks for asking. Is this word Espécie the same word used for Species of animals or plants?

Another duvida: how do we say "one of a kind" in Portuguese? Just curious


How pleased I will be when this seemingly interminable section on politics has been hurdled!!


This question might be totally off the mark, but still:

I know that será is sometimes used to indicate probability and uncertainty, as in

Será que ele está acordado?

Que horas são? -- Serão oito da manhã

So, I'm wondering if this sentence could have a connotation of I guess you could call me a kind of institutional ambassador, or is it only the literal There will be a point in the future that I am a kind of institutional ambassador ?


Maybe... in colloquial Spanish it's sometimes like that. I don't know how the Portuguese would be. However, "será" is futuro. You might use "seria" - condicional: "Em outras circunstâncias, eu seria embaixadora."


"I am kind of a..." (even though colloquial) is better than "i am a kind of..." in this case since the audience might be mislead into understanding the phrase has something to do with "I am a kind" (...and sweet person), which is what they would hear first. And that's obviously not the case. Maybe just my feeling:P

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