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  5. "Han kör mitt i gatan."

"Han kör mitt i gatan."

Translation:He drives in the middle of the street.

December 29, 2015



The TTS pronounces 'kör' (drive/s) here correctly. =)

But not in the slow version. =/


That answers my question. Thanks.


Indeed. I wonder why there is a discrepancy.


I'm trying to figure this one out. "He drives in the middle of the street" in English, but "He drives middle of the street" in Swedish. Is this just the typical way of saying it in Swedish, by leaving out the extra "in the" like it's just not needed?


I'd say it's more the case of English lacking a construction. Compare with e.g. "She drives around the corner" - Swedish can do the same thing for driving in the middle of the street by using the construction mitt i.


I kind of try to think of "mitt" as an adverb here. Or maybe a preposition? Whereas in English, it can only be used as a noun ("the middle").


It's definitely a noun in Swedish as well, but you do have a point. It really functions the way an adverb typically does here.


How do you guess "mitt" means "middle", not "my"? I've read "he drives to my street"((


Word order, and un-/determined (and here also vägen is an en-word)

han står mitt i huset (he stands in the middle of the house)

han står mitt i ett hus (he stands in the middle of a house)

han står i mitt hus (he stands in my house)

han står mitt i mitt hus (...middle of my house)


Well that just makes it even more difficult.. I wonder how many years this will take to learn?


han kör till min gata = he drives to my street


Would "han kör i mitten av gatan" be valid?


Yes, it's not as idiomatic but it's perfectly usable.


Curious if this has anything to do with Swedes who can't get used to driving on the right?


Dude, we changed to the right side of the road in 1967... :p


Don't worry, I'm English, we're more resistant than anyone ;)


Nej, det är min man. Han säger att om ingen använder den andra sidan, varför skulle han inte?


I feel kinda obligated to cut your husband's driving license in half, but as for the Swedish sentence, that's remarkably good. It's an advanced sentence and you got everything absolutely correct.


Hilarious, devalanteriel, but for once it's you who didn't get everything absolutely correct: it's either UK English "driving licence" or US English "driver's license", you can't have it both ways. Oh, well, you're our inestimable moderator so you can do anything you want, but after so many corrections the temptation to catch you out is great. Tell us, what's it like to be God? (Actually I think putting up with our incessant dumb questions must be sheer hell, which I guess is a contradiction in terms of some sort which I'll leave to the theologians.) :-)


Good point! Thanks for the correction. :)


mitt på gatan?

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