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Sound failed halfway through the lesson

Voice sounds quit working midway through the lesson, all other sound effects remained functional. All settings are correct; all equipment is functional. Chrome/Ubuntu 14.04/desktop computer

December 29, 2015



I have gone a couple of weeks with no problem. If this is due to anything that Duo has done I would like to thank the responsible party!


Check your computer/device. If its just the Duolingo that doesn't work, try something else like reloading the page. Don't really know but, try! :)

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This happens frequently to me as well in Chromium/OpenSUSE. What I need to do then in order to get the voice sounds back is to logout of Duolingo, open a new tab in Chromium, close the old tab and login to Duolingo in the new tab again.


Yes this happens to me also. It seems to be when I am taking an inordinate length of time on 1 unit. The French speaking voices just stop. Comments I have read here do not help. I use W7 and have no other problems. Come on DL. Is it something in your programming?


Same with me. I close the Chrome and open again or open a new tab and start again

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