I have 27 students in my class but only 20 show up on the "assignments" screen. I created an assignment for the whole class. Also, when I click on the names of the students who are not on the "assignments" page, a message is displayed that says "no assignments yet". How is that possible and how can I fix this? Thank you in advance!

December 29, 2015


Hello! This seems odd, we will investigate and get back to you. For now, if you would like to assign to them before we can find out what is happening, I'd try moving the other students into a temporary classroom and give them the same assignment. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello FrauKahn! After investigating, it seems that some of your students may have "joined" your classroom after you created the assignment. New students do not automatically participate in assignments created prior to joining the class. Any assignment you create for that class now will include all students currently in there.

For this particular assignment, we suggest the following: Move the new students to a new classroom (let's call it "latecomers" for example), and create the same assignment for them. That way, they will be able to participate and you can move them back where they belong before creating the next assignment. I hope this helps!

Thank you so much, this makes perfect sense!!!

You're welcome! Happy teaching :]

Hello, I just tried creating an assignment for my classrooms and none of the links worked. I tried pressing on them several times to create an assignment and got nowhere. Please help. It is instrumental that I am able to create assignments for the students, as more targeted practice will have a positive impact in their learning and progression.

Hi, that's very odd. Can you send us a screenshot of where the links are not working?

To add to what Luis said, you can click here for instructions on how to take a screenshot. You can send them to It will be easier for us to find the issue that way. :]


I have just created a classroom with a student who has gained 3000 xps before entering to the classroom. I can't see his xps and he can't see my assignments.

Hi there! It looks like you set your classroom language to Catalan, so you will not be able to see the 3000 XP that your student earned in Spanish. If they start learning Catalan, their Catalan XP will appear in your dashboard.

Regarding the assignments, your student should have received an email for any assignments created after they joined your classroom. If an assignment was created prior to your student joining the classroom, the assignment will not be assigned to them when they join. In a one-student classroom, the easiest solution would probably be to delete the assignment and recreate it.

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