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"Will you go to sauna tomorrow?"

Translation:Ти будеш іти у лазню завтра?

December 29, 2015



Why not у лазні? Would this be locative?

[deactivated user]

    «У ла́зню» with accusative means the destination (i.e. you're not in the sauna and will go there), «у ла́зні» with locative means a location (i.e. you'll be in sauna and will go somewhere inside the sauna).


    Cool, thanks for all the answers!


    У лазні is wo? --> in der лазня (in the case of Ukrainian we have Locative and not Dative for that)

    У лазню is wohin? --> in die лазня (Accusative)



    Ich verstehe! Danke schön für... that comparison.

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