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  5. "Le garçon a un journal."

"Le garçon a un journal."

Translation:The boy has a newspaper.

January 12, 2013



It appears that the normal and slower pronunciations sound slightly different, it sounds like the normal one is missing "un" before journal.


I think the slower one is comprised of a clip of each word, while the faster one is an actual reading of the sentence with the flow you would hear a native french speaker use. In french you'll notice that the words tend to blend into each other, especially when you listen to someone who is fluent. This can make it hard to recognize the specific words for someone trying to learn the language.


It's tough! Hope I get used to it soon.


Fr i just started today


Its kinda hard but im gonna through dis n so are u


The same thing happens in english. Ask an english learner, and they'll say english speakers blend together words way too much


I can hear it, though.


It's the normal way we speak, French people, when we know we speak to some people who are not fluent, we try to pronouce better. Sitesurf is French and it makes no problem to French people, it's only weird for beginners who can't recognize the words because they are linked by the liaison, because French language has no stress in the tone, and because you don't know the words. When you know well the words, and know how to pronounce them yourself, you will recognize them.


so.... do we pronounce "un" in "Le garçon a un journal" or not?


Yes, it's pronounced but difficult to hear. If you listen closely there are two different sounds after garcon and before journal, in fact I think the "un" is more prevalent. The issue is the speaker is blending them together, which sounds like one syllable, maybe "aun".

I would say part of it is recognizing that journal is masculine and therefore would use "un", and that, based on the context of the sentence, "a" makes the most sense as the verb. As you practice listening to the language more it becomes easier to pick up on these things, good luck!


I thought "have" is "avons", so why did DL use "a" here instead, PERCE?


how to improve understanding the accent :(


The French accent?


Yes, that is what they mean here. :)


By listening and saying it over and over again. www.forvo.com is a good place for that.


The pronunciation is peculiar for someone not used to French. I think it will help to listen to french on the french tv channels or french radio stations through the web. Well, it is an idea...I think doing a search under tv francaise will come up with a multitude of resources to help with the pronunciation....


Yes, on youtube, there are some video for beginners with French subtitles, you can pause the video and listen again.


Good idea! I listen to French radio in periods. Here is someone who has already compiled a list of French media resources: http://french.about.com/od/news/

But for the total beginner, I think it is more useful to listen to just a couple of words at a time, to be able to pick up all new sounds.Then www.forvo.com is the place.


Thanks so much for the links, I knew Forvo but i didn't know about the french media resources! ^_^


I love french, but it doesn't love me back


How come? You have to be patient ...


French is a language.. how can it love you ...


I need more help in conversational French.


So, talk with the native here on Duolingo. Or try to find a penpal to talk with Skype.


I thought newspaper should be : a piece of newspaper, or just newspaper..


A newspaper: un journal.


Anyone know how to write the c for garcon using a Swype keyboard, I keep getting it wrong because I can't write the c with a comma underneath.


I'm not sure if you can do it while swyping inherently, but if you press and hold the "C" button the keyboard should display several accented "C" options, this being one of them. If you then save "garçon" into your dictionary it should come up while you swype. It might depend on your phone, but that should work (I have a Samsung Galaxy S4)!

Bonus Fact: the symbol in question above is called a cedilla!


Thanks so much. I found the cedilla. I can finally translate boy correctly :)


Go into keyboard settings and add french language keyboard. Then whe. You need to type un french, switch to french keyboard. The swype and word replacement suggestions will be in french. It will automatically add accents and cedilla to your words. Then when you want to type in english switch keyboard to english. On my samsung phone this us as easy as sliding left and right on the space bar.


For a second, i forgot the word "a" (has)!

[deactivated user]

    Am i hearing things or does the 'le' in front of garcon sound like 'lew'?


    It is a quite good transcription from English.


    I though it sounds like "ler", of course with no "r" sound, do you think so?


    a and un sounds like you are saying "a" twice. le garcon a un journal. Right? Or are there any differences in the pronunciation?


    The pronunciation is different. Un ends in a nasal sound that does not exist in English, while a sounds like a short ah. Type them at www.forvo.com and listen to them over and over again until you hear their difference well enough.


    I think journal is a newspaper?!?


    Wow I said it just like the voice and I got it wrong.


    le and un are the same this is not fle


    Go on forvo, it will be easy for you after.


    The page will not move on!


    Does a mean has, got this wrong :(


    Yes, "a" means "has"


    you can go to settings to turn this type of question off


    The pronunciaton seemed a little unclear on this one.


    Un journal is newspaper OR a magazine!!


    Not quite: un journal is a newspaper and a magazine is "un magazine"


    I don't like the type what you hear questions. And I didn't know what journal was until this question.


    Mine said at the beginning that journal was menu and not paper


    No, "un journal" can be a (news)paper, a diary or a journal.

    "a menu" is "un menu".


    My duolingo works perfect i absoulutley love it


    I don't understand the feedback when i get one wrong. I'm not sure if it is a glitch or what becaue the feedback is always the same i answer i gave and it's translation.


    When is "a" "has" and when is it "see you..." ?


    "a" is the 3rd person singular, indicative present for the verb "avoir": il a, elle a, on a (he has, she has, it/one has)

    "à" (with a grave accent) is a preposition that has various meanings in English (at, to, for, until...)


    I can't speak this pronunciation. Can you help me please, my friends!


    Why isn't the verb avoir used in this sentence?


    It is: "a" = has


    Got it right the first time, is not what l expected.


    The app needs to pick up sound on


    Can anyone help me learn the pronunciation of R


    I have noticed that sometimes journal translates as newspaper, other times as a journal. Could you please explain?


    Have which one is it ; "a" , "as" or avons ?

    [deactivated user]

      Salut, commet çava?


      I thought that journal was diary but it was newspaper

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