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  5. "Hastaneye değil, otele gel!"

"Hastaneye değil, otele gel!"

Translation:Do not come to the hospital, come to the hotel!

December 29, 2015



The correction note says that "to" is required before "hospital" in "Come to the hotel, not the hospital!" but the sentence is perfectly natural in English without "to". In fact, it sounds slightly more awkward WITH the "to", so it should definitely be accepted without it.

Sorry to post a correction here--I wanted to point this out as a general case for other such sentences that involve parallel structure, since parallel structure is much more flexible in English than in Turkish.


I agree and have edited it :) Both are accepted now.


Come to the hotel, not the hospital.


In this sentence, does "gel" apply to both "hastane" and "otel"? Why can't the phrase also be translated as "Don't go to the hospital, come to the hotel"? How would it be stated in this case?


"Hastaneye gitme, otele gel!" - with the negative imperative of "gitmek" (to go).

And yes, "gel" applies to both. It's a bit as if you said "Come --- not to the hospital but to the hotel!"


"Hastaneye değil, otele gel!" Translation: Do not come to the hospital, come to the hotel!

My rejected answer: Not the hospital, come to the hotel.

My answer should have been accepted:

"Hastaneye değil"- Not the hospital. Değil negates hospital - yes. I used a comma after hospital. Come to the hotel was correct.

As someone else (another learner) pointed out. Native turks who think Turkish (me) get English translation answers wrong to Turkish questions.

I have just answered my own question: Hastane - hospital. Hastaneye - the hospital. Hastaneye değil - Değil negates - "the hospital." Duo - You have my permission to slap the back of my head. Just like (Gibbs) on NCIS.

I may not like American spelling but I do watch lots of American programmes on television.

I love his boat building skills by using hand tools only. (Special agent Gibbs) the artisan craftsman boat builder.


I'm a native English speaker (UK) and my first attempt at this was also "Not the hospital, come to the hotel". Works for me!


You cannot say "do not come to the hospital" because you are not there, you are at the hotel. So you must say "do not go to the hospital, come to the hotel"; or a shorter sentence like "not the hospital, come to the hotel" or something like that. Please fix it or leave us an explanation.


You come to hospital,not hotel..

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