"Twoja żona nosi spodnie."

Translation:Your wife wears trousers.

December 29, 2015

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Your wife wears the trousers has a completely different meaning in English, like she is in charge. Is it the same in Polish by any chance?


In fact it is the same. 'Nosić spodnie' when said about a woman means 'to fulfil a role stereotypically assigned to men'.


Thanks, nice to know there are some similarities with English!


Well, trousers were originally for men, and it took some time before any women started to wear them instead of the previously and only used skirts and dresses. Blue jeans were an important step towards this direction. In Sweden though, I have not heard this phrase because it is one of the top countries in equality of genders.


Similar in German "die Hosen anhaben" means being in charge


It also means that in Spanish


Great stuff.


how to be awkward at a party, just tell someone that


Why can't it be your wife is wearing trousers?


Perhaps some wrong answer may still be accepted somewhere, but "to wear" is one of the few verbs that actually show a difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous. "nosić" is for Present Simple. The Present Continuous version is "mieć na sobie" (literally 'to have on oneself') and has somehow been forgotten in the process of creating this course :(


"He promises me I'm as safe as houses As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers"


I get wrong only because I forgot the s in wears. Should not that be a typo?


Well, it creates quite a big grammar mistake, so I think it's good that a language-learning website rejects it. Sure, I guess most people that type it do it by mistake, and I also get annoyed by being marked wrong only by typos sometimes, but well... "wear" is simply wrong here.


Yup. Happens to all of us. I use Swype for English phrases, and sometimes it'll pick the wrong word and I've clicked check before I noticed. The app doesn't care that you knew the right word. It marks you based on what it sees. Oh well :P


In gboard, which acts like swype, you have have more than one language active, which really helps. It also makes sure you have the right accents available.


Shoot, American English doesn't count. Used "pants" and it didn't work.


I hate that when I type colour, it says another correct answer is 'Color'. NOOOOOO. The correct word is Colour.


The fact that you speak British English doesn't mean that American English is not 'correct'.


As an Englishman, I'd debate that! Just kidding!


I feel that both are correct, depending on where you're from. I use colour.


When is it wasze and when is it twoja/twoi?


"twoja" and "twoi" are forms of "twój", which is 2nd person singular (e.g. "twój pies" = "your dog, John").

"wasze" is a form of "wasz", which is 2nd person plural (e.g. "wasz pies" = "your dog, John and Sue").

"twoja" is a feminine singular form, "twoi" is a virile ('masculine personal plural') form.

"wasze" is either neuter singular or non-virile ('not masculine-personal plural') form.


Wow thanks! That one has really been bothering me. English is an annoying language when it comes to translating you... english is a mess

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