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"Ben bu partinin lideriyim, sen sadece bir üyesin."

Translation:I am the leader of this party, you are just a member.

December 29, 2015



Could someone please explain this to me: party leader was a compound noun it would be: parti lider-i, right? I dont understand how parinin lideriyim is made? When is it genitive+possesive and when is it a compound?


Roughly, you would use genitive+possessive when English would use "X of the Y" or "the X's Y", and nominative+possessive when English would use "the X Y".

Here it's "the leader of this party" / "the party's leader", so the party is in the genitive.

If it had simply been "the party leader" (not a specific party's leader, just a party leader in general), then nominative+possessive would have been appropriate.

Compare, for example, şehir merkezi "the city centre" and şehrin merkezi "the city's centre" (i.e. the centre of a particular city).

As for partinin lideriyim, you have partinin lideri "the party's leader" and then -yim for "I am ..." to get partinin lideriyim "I am the party's leader".


If you are saying that you are 'a leader of the party' (one of several, not the number one), would the expression then be 'partinin liderim'?


I think you would have to phrase it as "of the party's leaders, I am one", which is something along the lines of "Partinin liderlerinden birisiyim" (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)


this is one of the best comments i have ever seen ... thanksss

[deactivated user]

    He/She/it= lideri

    I= lideriYİM


    The Word of lideriyim is not clear


    You can break it down as lider-i-y-im lider = leader i = genitive / possessed (of the party) y = vowel buffer because you can't have ii next to one another in Turkish im = I am

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